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Labell Manfini is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Seabound Trampoline International Association. Labell began visiting Honduras in 2013 as a volunteer in the village of El Cacao and was also on the first team (of 22 people) to climb into a small fishing boat and cross the ocean to arrive in Mangolile, a small coastal village that had never received missionaries before. During her last trip to Honduras, she believed that there is great opportunity for the people of Honduras and how important it is for this generation of youth who will be the next generation of leaders to learn how to work togetherand share in resources, establish positive global friendships,and to have opportunity through confidence building and learning new skills that will inspire all youth! Labell is dedicated in working to bridge the gap with our North Americans and the countries who are faced with injustice and poverty.

In addition to directing the operations of "Project Honduras", Labell brings a blend of skills and passion to the program. She works as behavioural support staff with an Ontario School Board, is a foster parent with the Children's Aid society and a professional member of the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors. Labell works through the philosophy that children need to feel safe, have great adult mentors and role models so they may succeed beyond borders and they will rise above all expectations.

Seabound Trampoline International is greater than she ever imagined. This dream is surreal in how it has inspired so many people of all ages and backgrounds to come together from multi nations and give so much of them selves with so much pride in the development of bridging our global gap through pure joy and satisfaction for all!

Contact Labell at sbtrampoline@gmail.com

Natalie SB PicNatalie Leblanc is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair on the board of Seabound Trampoline International.

Natalie and her husband own multiple Airborne Trampoline (Olympic trampoline training facilities) in the Toronto area; Natalie is the Operating Director of the facilities. Before entering the trampoline world, Natalie worked for variousfortune 500 companies in Supply Chain Management.

It is important to Natalie that her companies are socially, environmentally, and philanthropically responsible. As part of these endeavors, Airborne Trampoline works with the Special Needs' community by offering greatly reduced classes to those with Special Needs. One day in Jan 2015, Labell Manfini (Executive Director) mentioned that perhaps instead of re-selling all our used Olympic trampolines and mats, we could ship them down to Honduras so that the children (who have very limited sports – primarily soccer balls), can benefit from them and the programs we have in place. Natalie thought it was a brilliant idea, and immediately wanted to donate all used & refurbished equipment from all Airborne Trampolines in the future to 3rdworld countries who have never had the joy or opportunity to jump on trampolines.

Natalie is excited to work with all the wonderful volunteers who have come together to form the board of Seabound Trampoline International, and shevery much looks forward to seeing the joy on childrens' & adults' faces when they jump on trampolines for the first time!

Scott Martin is serving is one of co-founders Seabound Trampoline International Association. the Operations Manager at Rebound Products Inc., he brings an infinite amount of knowledge of the Olympic sport of trampoline to the team.

Scott is a well-rounded individual who lives with passion, dedication and grace. Helping people has always been a passion for Scott. He also owns a bully free website called 321fame.com which offers a platform for people to showcase their talents to the world.

Contact Scott at sbtrampoline@gmail.com

Karen Briere is serving as secretary at Seabound Trampoline International Association. Karen has also been manager at Airborne Trampoline KW since 2013. She is very passionate about bringng the sport of trampoline to children who have never before had the chance to take part in this sport before, she immediately volunteered to join our team and help in any way she can. We are very proud to have Karen join our team! "Trampoline is such a fun sport with so many benefits for eveyone that participates" Karen knows from personal experience as she is also a parent of a trampoline competitive athlete which led to her empolyment at a trampoline facility where other parents are very proud to have her available in various roles within the community that serves our children! Karen is looking forward to watching children of Honduras and other countries benefit from this organization and compete in trampoline with all the opportunity that the Olympic Sport of Trampoline has to offer!

Contact Karen at sbtrampoline@gmail.com

Amber is a volunteer coach with Seabound Trampoline International Association. She is a full time student and when she isn't in school she is working as a Canadian Certified Coach in trampoline and planning her next visit to Honduras! Amber's first trip to Honduras was on her 15th birthday when she arrived in 2013! She has since then returned in 2014 where she volunteered during the summer in El Cacao and neighboring villages. Amber has an very inspirational degree of passion and desire to work with the people of Honduras. Her experiences and contributions have been in the areas of
working in a medical clinic (assisting the doctor, nurses, dentist and pharmacist), travelling with a medical mobile team to neighboring villages, performing skits, playing music at local churches and youth groups, working in the schools and making great friends! She has great insight into the culture and situations and has adapted so naturally where she values

Honduras to be her second home.


Greg Roe is "Head of Coaching and Programming" for Seabound Trampoline International.Greg brings a variety of perspective and extensive experiences combined with passion to the team as a Canadian Certified Trampoline and Gymnastics Coach, over 18 years experience within different fields of acrobatics and has earned 3 national titles, as well as several world records. "I have performed some of the most difficult trampoline tricks in the world. Quintuple flips and octuplet twisting flips come easy to me and have separated my skill and knowledge level apart from ANY OTHER COMPETITOR in the Acrobatic market.

When Greg heard about Seabound Trampoline International, he immediately reached out and wanted to share in this opportunity to share his passion! "Love what we are doing here! Trampoline is a sport that should be available to ANYONE who wants it! Lets do our part! The privilege of having such an amazing sport at our finger tips goes unnoticed but lets shed some light on growing this sport. Lots of people already showing great support!