Airborne Trampoline Twentieth Anniversary.

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Airborne Trampoline 20th Anniversary!

The Logo Of Airborne Trampoline

It all began in 1994 for Airborne Trampoline. Maria Martin, a gymnast during her childhood in her home country of Germany, happened to come across a new concept for Gymnastics facilities when searching for kids activities for her two young sons. She happened to notice an ad in the newspaper for a gymnastics club which specialized in the Olympic sport of trampolining. She decided to one day pay a visit to this new, fantastic sounding facility located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. So began what would be a life changing experience.

It was called Skyriders Trampoline Place, owned and operated by the future head coach of the Canadian Olympic Trampoline Team, Dave Ross. Maria immediately signed up for classes with her sons and quickly fell in love with the sport. After taking classes for nearly two years and achieving her Level One Trampoline certification through Gymnastics Ontario and N.C.C.P. , Maria had the inspiration to expand the new trampoline facilities to cater to markets around the G.T.A. Upon receiving the blessing from Skyriders owner Dave Ross, Maria opened the first Airborne Trampoline facility in Woodbridge, ON.

Starting off as a small 2500 square foot location with 5 trampolines, Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge quickly expanded into a larger facility and added a 6th trampoline to even out the numbers. The interest in the new trampoline facility grew slowly at first, but finally The Airborne Trampoline Club started to breakthrough with successful programs including recreational trampoline classes, birthday parties, public trampolining, and even a competitive trampoline program which competed with the trampoline teams of other gymnastics facilities in the area. The programs eventually began to gain favor with Gymnastics Ontario, who at the time did not know what to make of these new trampoline facilities. More and more trampoline coaches became certified through Gymnastics Ontario, and more and more kids and adults were introduced into the sport of trampolining.

Eventually, it became time for further expansion. Airborne Trampoline saw the opportunity to expand into other areas and began plans to open a new Airborne Trampoline facility in Mississauga, Ontario during the summer of 2000. This was quickly followed by a location in Newmarket, Ontario during the summer of 2002.

Such rapid expansion caused a bit of a problem as the availability of trampoline coaches, instructors, and training courses was still few and far between. Airborne locations took the next few years to perfect their programs and services. Working with Dave Ross from Skyriders to implement new training methods and modernizing equipment in all of their facilities, Airborne Trampoline slowly began to integrate new programs including adult aerobics, wake boarding dry land training, and even experimented with snowboard training on the trampolines. Some of these programs had larger successes than others. However, the popularity of trampolining continued to grow. Finally, Airborne felt they were in the position to continue expanding. With that, Airborne Trampoline  expanded into its newest facility located in Cambridge in 2011. Creating new trampoline programs definitely had its ups and downs, no pun intended of course.

Now, having celebrated its 20 year anniversary, Airborne Trampoline is looking forward to expanding its current facilities and opening new locations.

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