5 Reason For Kids Join Trampoline Classes!

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5 Reason For Kids To Join Trampoline Classes

Trampoline ClassesKids have a blast in trampoline classes, learning new tricks and skills that they couldn’t do before. They’re animated, enthusiastic and involved as they build their muscles along with their co-ordination and self-confidence (And it’s way more gratifying for kids and parents rather than parking them in front of the TV).

As a trampoline coach, I’ve taught hundreds of kids new tricks and watched them  enjoy the natural  act of physical play. Here is a brief list of the 5 reasons ALL kids should participate in some form of physical activity, especially trampoline classes.

  1. Trampoline Classes Improve Confidence: When engaged in a new sport or activity, kids have the ability to learn something new, and build confidence along with their new abilities. In fact, in a great article written by Rae Pica for Earlychildhood News, it is proven that children who achieve new goals and accomplishments show a higher level of self-esteem and confidence in their everyday activities.

New sports begin with practice and end in the reward of achieving a new skill – whether it’s learning to do a front flip for the first time, or simply bouncing around for an hour. Once they’ve achieved something new, their confidence spikes and they feel they can tackle even more adventures.

  1. Trampolining helps develop and promote key motor and athletic skills.

Children develop their motor and athletic skills without knowing they’re doing it. When jumping on a trampoline, they fire up their balance and co-ordination development most of all. Believe it or not the timing involved in learning critical moments to start a twist, in combination of the rhythmic bouncing on a trampoline, improves their ability to maintain a beat in dance.

Being involved in trampolining also improves a child’s athletic confidence in pursuing new sports. “Fit children are more likely to participate in sports, dance, games, and other physical activities that improve muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance, and body composition,” writes Pica. Fit children also have the better advantage in getting through the day without fatigue.

  1. Jumping with others teaches teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Often children don’t get the opportunity to learn critical communication, teamwork, and sportsmanship skills. One of the major benefits of trampoline classes is that the jumpers are placed into a class environment which promotes growth in these areas. Sharing a trampoline with another classmate may be the perfect opportunity to promote teamwork. “Placing my daughter in a trampoline classes with other kids has helped her develop the ability to make friends. She gets support and encouragement from the other jumpers, and enjoys sharing her new tricks with everyone in the class.”

  1. Joining a trampoline class with your kids promotes parent child bonding.

Nothing strengthens the bond between parent, or caregiver and child quite like participating in a physical activity together. Be it throwing a ball, running around a park, or jumping on trampolines, spending quality time learning new abilities with kids makes for an enjoyable activity that stimulates the child’s drive to achieve new goals alongside their parent. Specifically, trampoline classes give the parent and child the ability to learn new skills together at their own pace. Quite often, parents find themselves in a position where the child is learning quicker than the parents. This not only enthralls the child, but further promotes a strong bond between child and adult as they work together to catch up to each other.

  1. Quite simply, playing on trampolines makes kids happy.

There is nothing more magical than finding an activity, or sport, for your kids to participate in which makes them happy. No one wants to see their children sit in front of a TV all day. Ideally, you want the child to look forward to leaving the couch and doing something fun and active. Trampolining is fun, and kids have a blast learning new tricks and skills to show off to their friends.

As with all physical activity, endorphin’s are released giving the body a sense of pleasure after an intense workout. Burning up to 800 calories and hour, trampolining is no different. But don’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself!

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