Top 10 Reasons To Join Active Summer Camp Program

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Top 10 Reasons To Join An Active Summer Camp Program

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Summer is right around the corner and many parents are probably wondering how they are going to keep their children from becoming couch potatoes while off of school. Many parents work during the day and have no way to care for, or monitor their childrens activities. We all know that kids who arnt properly supervised tend to get themselves into bad routines of laziness and boredom. Have you considered placing your child in an active summer camp program to keep them busy  and provide some form of exercise to replace the running around at recess they do during the school year? It’s a fantastic idea, but in case you arnt completely sold…

Check out the top 10 reasons to enroll your kids in an active summer day camp program.

10: They will spend their day being physically active– Active summer camp programs are structured to provide non stop action for their campers. Specifically, sports camps can do wonders for keeping kids in a healthy active lifestyle. Look around at the camps offered in your area and were sure you’ll be surprised at just how much exercise your kids will get during a typical camp day.


9: Campers experience success and build confidence– Active summer camp programs build childrens confidence by removing them from the usual school experience of grading and testing. At camp, children experience what its like to win and succeed every day during the various camp games and activities. Sport specific camps also reward their participants for their effort and not only their performance. This leads the children back into the school year with a heightened sense of what they are capable of achieving.  


8: Campers receive strong support to reach higher– Campers receive constant encouragement and nurturing from the counselors in their program. This helps give children a boost in confidence and a feeling of support during their everyday activities. It also provides them with a great springboard for their emotional development and help them understand that support can be spread amongst all campers and is not always directed to them.

7: Breaking the technology habit – Kids love technology. They can even become dependent on technology for a good time. Active summer camp programs help break them from this cycle as the campers are encouraged to interact with other campers and engage their creativity in arts and crafts and physically active games.


6: Develop passions and skills– Sports specific camps can provide your child with a fantastic opportunity to learn a new skill or develop a new passion for something. Camps that focus around sports like trampolining, soccer, horseback riding, and general adventure introduce children to a new environment they may not have experienced before. Once the flame is lit on that passion, it stays lit for life.


5:Become independent– An active summer camp program is the perfect place for a child to become more independent. Without the usual structure of teachers and parents, a child has the ability to spread their wings and develop in a safe and caring environment where, while consequences are still enforced, the children have a few less boundaries.


4: Have free time to relax and play– Everyone needs a break. This includes our children. They spend the majority of the year under the constant scrutiny and rules of the academic system both in school and at home. Camp is an opportunity to decompress and unwind from all of that. Active summer camp programs provides free time, optional activities, and fun as a priority. You’ll be surprised at just how much more relaxed your child will be after just a week in a camp environment.


3: Learn and improve social skills– “Many children do not know how to handle interpersonal social situations” according to this article by Camp gives the children an opportunity to make new friends and improve their social situation skills. This may seem like nothing special in the life of a child, but when you really think about it you can see just how important it is. Throughout the school year your children have the same friends, in the same classes, in the same school. There is little to no opportunity to develop their social skills involving meeting new people, getting to know them, and then meeting someone new. Camp is the perfect place to nudge your kids out of their comfort zone a little bit and let them engage in some new friendships.


2: Reconnect with the outside world– Learning that there is a life outsider their home and school is imperative for children to develop a sense of adventure in life. Summer camps offer the unique experience of reconnecting your kids with something they don’t usually experience in their everyday lives.


1: Make lifelong friends– Camp is a fun environment without the rules and structures of their regular academic year. It is the place where kids can truly be themselves and goof around. Being able to be themselves in a relaxed and fun environment provides kids with the greatest opportunity to make the very best friends. Think of it like this, if you’re under constant pressure at work, you may not act or feel as relaxed towards your fellow co-workers than if you were out for a fun night at the movies. The same principal applies to camp. The more relaxed the environment, the stronger the bond of friendship becomes.

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This concludes our list of the top 10 reasons to enroll your children in a summer camp program. Take a look around your area, were sure you will find a large amount of options for an active and fun summer. While you’re at it, check out Airborne Trampoline with locations in Newmarket and Vaughan. Airborne offers a fantastic summer camp program which keeps your kids active, happy and entertained from when they leave school, to the day they go back.

Remember to be safe and have fun this summer. It is only for a few months!

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