Airborne Trampoline KW’s Recreational Classes

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Trampoline! One of the newest Olympic sports. In 2000 it was a demo, and ever since Trampoline has been one of the most exciting Olympic sports to watch.


Canadian Olympic silver medalist Jason Burnett got his start at Airborne Trampoline as a child, having been signed up for summer camp and then recreational trampoline classes. Airborne Trampoline KW’s Head Coach, Chris Martin, recruited Jason into competitive trampoline classes where he competed all through the Provincial levels. Jason eventually started jumping too high for Airborne’s ceiling, and has continued his training with Olympic team coach Dave Ross at his club ever since. Two time Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist Rosie MacLennan also got her start at Airborne Trampoline in recreational trampoline classes when she was a child, with her older brothers on Airborne’s competitive team at the time. Rosie had fun learning all the proper moves and earning ribbons for passing the recreational trampoline classes levels. She now trains with Jason Burnett under Olympic team coach Dave Ross.


Recreational Trampoline Classes have long been a staple program at all of the Airborne locations going back as far as 20 years now. It is a great way to learn the basics of the sport and also how to use trampolines safely and properly, therefore greatly reducing the risk of injury – no matter what trampoline you are on. Airborne’s recreational trampoline classes have a custom designed level system that ensures that every move is taught safely and properly with the right techniques and progressions. Examples of things that are taught in our rec trampoline classes are: what all the safety rules are, how to fall properly, what to do and what not to do, and all the progressions leading up to more difficult skills including flips. For every level passed in our recreational trampoline classes, the participant will receive a ribbon signifying their completion of that level.


Over the years, many parents have approached me and said; “My child doesn’t like any other sport. They just sit in front of the TV and computer and eat. They hate exercise and quit everything they start. Now, all my child talks about is how much fun they’re having at Airborne’s trampoline classes.” All the kids are having such a great time that they don’t realise that trampoline is one of the best exercises in existence. You can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour by jumping on a trampoline. Trampoline classes also help to build coordination, faster reflexes, improves balance, improves flexibility, increases strength, corrects bad posture, gives you more energy, clears out the lymphatic system, and has many more benefits that I don’t have room to describe in this short article.


To wrap up, trampoline classes are for everyone ages 2 and up. Airborne Trampoline KW provides Parent & Tots (2-5 yrs), Recreational Trampoline Classes (6-102 yrs – that is not a typo!), Adult specific Trampoline Classes, Cross-Tramp fitness classes, Competitive, and even Special Needs trampoline classes.


Book a tryout today and experience this thrilling Olympic sport!

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