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Here we jump again! Airborne Trampoline is expanding to the amazing little (well, not so little anymore) town of Milton!


Airborne Trampoline had its start in 1994 in Woodbridge which opened as a recreational & competitive trampoline training facility. Since then 4 locations have opened across the GTA, and Airborne has expanded into amazing birthday parties (now with a glow-in-the-dark / cosmic birthday party option), open jump, day camp, special needs’ classes and more. Each location, including the future Airborne Milton location, has some Olympic style trampolines which have a much bigger bounce and area to jump on.


In 2014 Airborne Trampoline Newmarket expanded its facility to include a recreational trampoline park and trampoline dodgeball court – similar to what many would know as Sky Zone™ type trampolines or lots of smaller interconnected trampolines with bedding similar to backyard trampolines. While these trampolines are not as bouncy or usually as large as the Olympic style trampolines, they suffice for much of the population who do not want to jump too high and just want to jump for fun or exercise. With Newmarket’s success and with the emergence of fun trampoline parks everywhere around the world in the last few years, they have decided to open a combined facility in Milton to include Olympic trampolines (which will be used primarily for recreational and competitive classes); a large trampoline park with trampolines on the walls, tumbling strips, and a running wall; a dodgeball / basketball trampoline court; trampolines leading up to a foam pit or air bag, and even a ninja course for all the parkour and extreme sport’s enthusiasts out there! Check out the current layout plan on the Airborne Trampoline Milton Facebook page (while you are there give it a like too):


Airborne Trampoline has a safety first approach to the sport of trampolining, and they pride themselves in their great safety record. Coaches that teach are all certified by N.C.C.P. and Gymnastics Ontario. Airborne’s talented coaches have also produced many top trampoline Canadian athletes over the years, including Jason Burnett who won a Silver Medal at the Olympics. Chris Martin (now the Head Coach of Airborne Trampoline KW in Cambridge) coached Jason at Airborne for many years.1 Even Rosie Maclennan, who is a 2-time trampoline gold medalist in the Olympics, started jumping with her brothers at Airborne when she was a child.


The owners of Airborne Trampoline Milton actually lived in Milton for years, and love the diverse community and beautiful scenery that Milton has to offer. They recognize the demand in Milton for places that are fun for kids and adults alike. They are currently working with a Realtor to secure a facility of approximately 15,000 square feet with high ceilings. If you know of any suitable buildings, space available to sub-lease, or a space where a tenant is moving out and needs a lease take-over, please email them at


They are excited to start this new venture and look forward to hosting you! For more information on Airborne Trampoline, please visit the website at:



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