Airborne Trampoline Mississauga December News!

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Airborne Trampoline Mississauga

Better then ever and ready for 2015!

Airborne Trampoline Mississauga is excited to announce big changes to the facility, and is looking forward to bouncing their way into 2015. Have you visited Airborne recently? There has been a TONNE of exciting things happening at Airborne Trampoline Mississauga. From the facelift the facility recently received, to the introduction of new classes, special needs programs, and Cosmic Birthday Parties, Airborne Mississauga has just scratched the surface of their upcoming plans. Haven’t visited Airborne Trampoline Mississauga in a while? What are you waiting for? Come out for Public Jumping, or book your Birthday Parties and Groups online and have the entire facility to yourself! In the mean time, stay tuned to Airborne’s monthly news blogs for exciting updates and plans for the future of Airborne Trampoline Mississauga.

Have you seen the facility lately? You may have noticed that Airborne Trampoline Mississauga has gone through quite a facelift in recent months. Some enjoyed the previous look, some felt it was time for a change. Whatever side you fell on in that great debate, just like an old hairstyle, it was time for an update. Enter the paint crew! Airborne Trampoline Mississauga interviewed numerous companies about updating the facilities walls and party rooms to provide a thorough paint job to the facility. Eventually, a company was picked, and the painting began. After a full weekend of painting by a team of painters, Airborne Trampoline Mississauga finally took on its new look and was again opened to the public. It didn’t stop there! Have you ever wondered how the trampolines maintain their youthful white look? A fresh coat of paint, that’s how! The trampoline, having gone through their traditional monthly repair of springs and strings, were next to go under the rollers of the painters. What a difference! You can nearly see yourself in the reflection of the shine on those trampoline beds.  Don’t believe us, come out for yourself and check out these shiny Olympic Class, High performance Trampolines. Only at Airborne Trampoline Mississauga.

Have you experienced a Cosmic Trampoline Party yet? If not, jump over to Airborne Trampoline Mississauga’s website and check out everything a Cosmic Trampoline Party has to offer. Gymnastics Ontario Certified trampoline instructors, the lights and lasers of Airborne’s new Cosmic Light system, and today’s hit music while you jump. All of this, and a private party room rental for a great price. You can check out all of Airborne’s packages and special offers on Airborne’s website at You can even book your parties and groups online with Airborne’s new Online Party Booking system.

That’s all for now. Make sure you stay tuned for Airborne Trampoline Mississauga’s January News Blog for exciting events and activities at Airborne Trampoline Mississauga.


This article was written for Airborne Mississauga, by airborne’s Gymnastics Trampoline and N.C.C.P. Certified Coaches.

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