Airborne Trampoline Mississauga Experience

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The Airborne Trampoline Mississauga Experience

Airborne Trampoline in Mississauga is one of the premier trampoline facilities in Ontario, and Canada. Opening in 2002, Airborne Trampoline Mississauga was the second in a series of trampoline facilities which now includes Airborne Trampoline Club in Woodbridge, Airborne Trampoline North in Newmarket, and Airborne Trampoline KW in Cambridge. With the booming worldwide popularity of trampolining, and the success of the Canadian Olympic Trampoline Team at the recent Summer Olympic games (in which Canada’s only gold medal was provided by an Olympic Trampolinist, Rosie Maclennan), Airborne Trampoline Mississauga has proven itself as the “place to be” for the true trampoline experience.

Many people ask what makes Airborne different from the the other trampoline parks and gymnastics facilities? Its quite simply the overall Airborne Trampoline experience. Airborne Trampoline in Mississauga utilizes cutting edge trampoline equipment including Gymnastics Canada approved trampolines, mats, padding, and harness systems.In fact, Airborne Trampoline Mississauga utilizes professional, high performance trampolines just like the ones you see in the Summer Olympic Games. Not your run of the mill backyard trampolines, these “Olympic” trampolines use high performance springs and bedding to provide the jumper with superior height, control, and bounce. Furthermore, Airborne Trampoline Mississauga uses large, high impact end deck and spring cover mats which surround all of their trampolines. All of these features make for a perfectly balanced, professional trampoline which can accommodate both beginner, advanced, young and older jumpers. Don’t take our word for it. Come out to any Airborne Trampoline location today and see the difference for yourself.

An Airborne Trampoline experience isn’t just about the high performance trampolines. A huge part of making your visit to Airborne Trampoline Mississauga a great experience is the coaches and staff who facilitate your all the Airborne Trampoline programs including Recreational Trampoline Classes, Trampoline Birthday Parties, and Competitive Trampoline Team. All of Airborne Trampoline Mississauga’s Coaches are Gymnastics Ontario, & N.C.C.P. certified trampoline coaches. In order to become a certified trampoline coach, Airborne Trampoline Mississauga’s coaches must progress through a vigorous 4 month training program provided by Gymnastics Canada and the National Coaching Certification Program. During their training sessions in these courses, Airborne Trampoline coaches learn how to teach the basics of trampolining including safe bouncing techniques, the “stop bounce”, and various other trampoline skills including the seat drop, stomach drop, back drop and much more. Furthermore to this basic trampoline skill training, Airborne Trampoline Mississauga’s coaches progress through various seminars of lesson planning and proper warmup and cool down techniques for children and adults of all ages. Once they have graduated from the Gymnastics Ontario’s Foundations Trampoline Course, Airborne Trampoline Mississauga’s new coaches are fully certified in trampolining and are professionally prepared to instruct the Olympic sport of trampolining.

With professional trampoline equipment, and professional trampoline instructors & supervisors, Airborne Trampoline Mississauga is ready to give you the REAL trampoline experience. Drop by any Airborne Trampoline location today, or jump over to Airborne’s website to check out everything Airborne Trampoline has to offer including high flying Birthday Parties, Recreational Trampoline Classes, Summer / March Break / Winter Break Day Camps, Public Jumping, and much more.

We hope to see you soon at the Airborne Trampoline Centre Mississauga.

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