Airborne Trampoline Mississauga – September News

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Airborne Trampoline Mississauga – September News Blog

Welcome to the Monthly News Blog of Airborne Trampoline Mississauga. This news blog is here to inform our fans of all the new and exciting event happening at Airborne Trampoline Mississauga. Airborne is hoping to release monthly news feeds for everyone to read and become active in the trampoline community. September is a very busy month at Airborne. So, here we go!

Looking for a sport to enroll the kids in (or maybe even yourself)? September brings with it the start of the Airborne Trampoline Mississauga Trampoline Classes Session. This thrilling sport is more than just a weekend activity. Did you know you could learn the Olympic sport of trampolining by signing up to Airborne Mississauga’s Trampoline Classes? Now, we don’t mean you will be participating in the Olympics any time soon as Canada’s next top athlete, but everyone has to start somewhere. Airborne Mississaugas Gymnastics Ontario Certified coaches will teach your jumpers the basics of trampolining in a safe and professional manner. The Airborne coaches will work the jumpers through Airborne Trampoline Mississauga’s trampoline skill level system which begins at level 1 with the shaped jumps including Tuck Jump, Star Jump, Pike Jump, Straddle Jump, and the all important “Stop Bounce”. Once past level one, the sky is the limit. Airborne Mississauga trampoline class jumpers work their way up through all 25 levels in the trampoline level system which eventually teach the jumpers how to safely perform front and back flips. At the end of each level, class jumpers must put together all they’ve learned into a complex skills routine. This fun routine teaches the jumpers to memorize the various skills and perform back to back until complete. Once this routine is complete, Airborne Mississauga class participants receive their achievement ribbons to take home. Its a safe and fun sport for kids and adults of all ages. Check out Airborne Mississaugas website for class times and availability and sign up today.

Airborne Mississauga has also began hosting its new Cosmic Trampoline Birthday Parties. These birthday parties are as safe and fun as they’ve always been, with the exciting addition of Airborne’s new laser light show. Trampoline birthday party guests will have a blast jumping to their favorite music under the supervision of Airborne’s Gymnastics Ontario Certified Coaches. The Airborne coaches will lead the party guests through all the basics of trampolining including the Stop Bounce, and basic shape jumps, and run through all rules and safety instructions prior to beginning the Cosmic Trampoline Party. Once the guests are familiar with the trampolines, its Cosmic time! The lights dim, and the lasers and LED light show begins all around the jumpers. Jump over to Airborne’s website for more information and to book your party online today.

These events just skim the surface of Airborne Trampoline Mississaugas exciting events and sessions which September brings. Stay tuned for more news blogs in the coming months. Make sure you check out all the other programs and services happening at Airborne Trampoline Mississauga including the competitive trampoline team, special need classes, and our school and day care jump programs.


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