Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge Coaches

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Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge Coaches

In Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge, coaches make or break our customers jumping experience. Ever wondered what training is involved in becoming a coach at the Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge? Many of our jumpers have seen the talent which our coaches posses when it comes to the performing skills and tricks on the trampolines. From their high flying demonstrations at the end of birthday parties, to coaching athletes young and old, Airborne trampoline Woodbridge coaches know how to do it all.

It all begins with their beginner coaching course. This course, hosted by Gymnastics Ontario, takes Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge coaches through the various basics involved in coaching an individual, or group of participants. They are taught proven and long standing techniques for creating lesson plans, instructing warmup and stretches, and how to structure their time according to the size and age range of their specific groups. They also work on team building exercises to learn how to interact and utilize their fellow coaches to maximize efficiency during their coaching sessions.

Once an Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge coach completes their introductory course, they proceed on to the second part of their training. Part two is what is referred to as the “sport specific” portion of their training. Also hosted by Gymnastics Ontario, the trampoline sport specific course teaches future Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge coaches everything they need to know about teaching the Olympic sport of trampolining. This includes the proper teaching technique for all of the basic trampoline skills including seat drops, back drops, stomach drops, and shaped jumps. They also learn the basics to twisting and turning, and most importantly, they learn how to spot the dangers associated with out of control jumpers. This is of the utmost importance Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge coaches as knowing when to step in and advise a jumper about how to jump safely, and in control is the number one method to prevent avoidable injuries on trampolines.

Having completed their trampoline specific portion of their training program, Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge coaches then begin their shadow hours which lasts for 10 weeks. During these shadow hours, the new coaches work under the direct supervision of a certified Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge coach and practice their skills in class, and public environments. This gives the senior coach a chance to inspect the new coach in training and pin point any bad habits, or inconsistencies in their coaching routines. At Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge, we ensure our coaches shadow as many hours as possible during the 10 week shadow period.

Once the Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge coaches have completed their Gymnastics Ontario certified portion of their training, they proceed on to achieve their First Aid/CPR training course hosted by the Red Cross training program. This is the same course required by lifeguards and all childhood education workers. Once certified, coaches of Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge have to pass one more certification test. This test is the final inspection by the senior coach of Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge. The new Airborne coaches must prove their proficiency in instructing and supervising the Olympic sport of trampolining. Once they have been approved by the senior coach of Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge, they will be considered a fully certified trampoline coach.

Coaches then have the option to continue their coaching education by pursuing their Level 2 certification through Gymnastics Ontario and N.C.C.P. which takes their knowledge of trampoline skills further by including flips and inversions. The coaches learn various spotting techniques, proper flip progressions, and how to use various teaching apparatuses include the spotting harness, and crash mats to assist Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge jumpers in learning how to safely and properly perform flips and inversions.

All of this training is what makes Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge one of the safest facilities in Canada for enjoying the Olympic sport of trampolining.

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