An Alternative To Trampoline Parks: Airborne Trampoline

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An Alternative to Trampoline Parks?

Presenting Airborne Trampoline!

Trampoline Parks, the new rage across the country. They’ve been around since the early 2000’s and have recently come to Canada. It seems they’ve been popping up everywhere! They claim to provide everything trampolining you could ever want under one roof, right? Well hold on. Unfortunately, some people are just not satisfied with what these trampoline parks are offering. It may be the crowded facilities, the free for all atmosphere which allows the jumpers to do just about anything they want (regardless of safety), or it may be the ridiculously thorough waiver which seems to sign your children’s life away. Whatever the reason you may have for not enjoying these new trampoline parks, there is an alternative. Airborne Trampoline!

Airborne Trampoline is a recreational trampoline facility with Olympic Class, high performance trampolines. With locations in Vaughan, Newmarket, Mississauga, and Cambridge, Airborne Trampoline is continually expanding to provide safe and professionally run trampoline experience for everyone. The first difference you will probably notice is the size of the facility. With smaller, more manageable facilities, Airborne has the ability to better control the trampoline areas, and offer a private trampoline experience, rather than a free for all facility like you see in today’s new trampoline parks. The second difference can be seen in the quality of trampolines. Airborne utilizes high performance Olympic Trampolines manufactured by professional Gymnastics Trampoline manufacturers including Rebound Products. Being the same type of trampolines used in the Summer Olympic Games, Airborne’s Olympic Trampolines provide superior bounce and control for the jumpers while providing maximum safety which includes custom designed padding and mats. This is a stark contrast to the new trampoline parks “backyard type” trampolines. The third major difference is the quality of supervisors and instructors. Airborne only operates with Gymnastics Ontario Certified Trampoline instructors. These instructors are trained by Gymnastics Ontario/Canada in the Olympic Sport of trampolining. This includes all safety techniques, and the proper way to teach and supervise all trampoline tricks. This ensures that all Airborne Trampoline instructors have the best possible training to keep the participants safe and having fun. Unfortunately, today’s new trampoline parks do not offer the same type of training or credentials. Essentially, they simply hire supervisors off the street. These supervisors usually just watch as children horse around and often are not paying attention in the event of children breaking the rules, which often results in an injury. Conversely, Airborne Trampoline’s “Safety First” trampoline approach makes sure that jumpers of every skill level have the proper instruction to have a safe, enjoyable time in any Airborne Trampoline facility.

So now that you know the difference between the new trampoline parks and Airborne Trampoline, you may be wondering what kind of programs Airborne Trampoline offers to our jumpers. Check out the list below!

Trampoline Parties (Including the new Cosmic Lights Trampoline Party)

Trampoline Classes

Private Trampoline Lessons

Competitive Trampoline Team

Public Jumping

Summer/March Break/Winter Trampoline Day Camps

Special Needs Trampolining & Programming

Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Training

Don’t take our word for it. Jump over to Airborne’s website and check out everything that Airborne Trampoline has to offer. Come for a visit, and you’ll see that Airborne Trampoline is a fantastic alternative to the modern day trampoline parks.

Hope to see you soon at Airborne Trampoline!


This article was written by Airborne Trampoline. A Gymnastics Trampoline facility, utilizing Certified Trampoline Coaches.

Airborne Trampoline Parks

For more information on Airborne’s Trampoline and Gymnastics Trampoline Programs, contact any Airborne location by jumping over to

Airborne Trampoline

Check Out ALL of Airborne’s Amazing Locations.

Airborne Trampoline North: Newmarket

Airborne Trampoline Club: Woodbridge

Airborne Trampoline Centre:  Mississauga

Airborne Trampoline KW: Cambridge.

Airborne is a proud member of Gymnastics Ontario.


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