Birthday Parties For Kids – Airborne Trampoline Parties

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Birthday Parties For Kids – Airborne Trampoline Parties

Who knew planning birthday parties for kids could be so time consuming. Obviously, we’ve all gone through the easy stages of years 1 through 4 where we just invite friends and family over to the house to celebrate. But now, many of us have hit the fun age where the kids actually want to DO something. Not to mention the added bonus of having to invite the whole class of kids along with the family. These things just cant be avoided. So, what are you going to do? A great start was searching the internet for ideas when it comes to birthday parties for kids. Hopefully you found something quick and easy, and something your child will remember. If not, let us introduce you to the hottest and safest trampoline birthday parties for kids at Airborne Trampoline.

Airborne trampoline first opened in 1994 and has since expanded into 4 locations across the greater Toronto area. Specializing in the Olympic Sport of Trampoline, Airborne employs Gymnastics Ontario certified trampoline coaches for all of its programs including birthday parties for kids. This ensures a structured, fully led, and safety first approach to trampoline birthday parties for kids, as opposed to the free for all environment offered at trampoline parks.

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Airborne Trampoline

During a standard Airborne Trampoline birthday party, Airborne’s instructors begin by leading your party guests through a warm-up, stretch, and rules for the trampolines. Once completed, the trampoline birthday party instructors teach all the party guests the basics on the trampolines including the “stop bounce” technique, and other introductory skills which give the jumpers the ability to safely try various trampoline skills safely and properly instructed. During the hour on the trampolines, Airborne’s coaches play today’s hit music, and are always supervising and assisting the jumpers to maintain a safe environment for all participating. Airborne’s trampoline coaches also lead the children through trampoline games and activities including trampoline relay races, and perform a high flying trampoline demonstration to end the party.

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Fully Supervised

If your looking to kick it up a notch and make it a REALLY cool party, check out Airborne’s new COSMIC LIGHTS trampoline party package. The Cosmic trampoline birthday party for kids turns all the lights off over the trampolines, illuminates them with L.E.D. on the walls, and blasts lasers and black lights to create a fantastic party environment for all ages! Combined with Airborne’s sound system which blasts today’s hit music, Airborne’s Cosmic Birthday Party is sure to be a hit with your party guests. Airborne’s Cosmic Trampoline Parties are always led, instructed and controlled by Airborne’s certified trampoline instructors.

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COSMIC Trampoline Party

Looking for something a little more daring? Check out Airborne’s bungee trampoline parties and watch the birthday child fly sky high on Airborne’s new bungee trampoline belt. What is a bungee belt? Imagine giant elastic bands strapped to the ceiling and hooking into Airborne’s gymnastics trampoline spotting belt. Now imagine strapping into the bungee belt and jumping on Airborne’s high performance Olympic trampolines. Sound intense? It is! Airborne’s bungee belt jumpers fly safely up to 20 feet in the air, and land as softly as a feather as the bungee cords gently lower them onto the trampolines. High flying fun for the thrill seeking birthday child.

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Bungee Trampoline Party

After picking the options you desire, its time to pick your trampoline birthday party option. Choose between Airborne’s Basic trampoline party option and enjoy one hour on the Airborne trampolines, and an additional hour in the fully furnished and decorated party room. Bring in ANY food and supplies of your choosing and have Airborne staff handle all the cleaning. A great party, for a great price. If you’re looking for a party with everything taken care of, choose Airborne’s fully catered pizza package. Airborne’s pizza package provides you with the trampoline time, room rental, and then provides two slices of pizza per child (cheese or pepperoni) provided by Ital Vera Pizza, a pop/juice/water for every jumper, a full slab cake saying “Happy Birthday _______” from Costco, and all party supplies. The list of supplies includes paper plates for both pizza and cake, napkins, straws, knives and forks, candles & matches, and a cake cutting knife. Both party packages come standard with a complimentary pot of coffee including cream, milk, sugar, cups and stir sticks.

Now you know everything Airborne’s trampoline birthday parties for kids offers. Jump over to Airborne’s website to check out the trampoline birthday party for kids video. If you’re ready for your kids to have a blast at an Airborne Trampoline birthday party, call in, email us, or book online today through Airborne’s online booking system available HERE.

We hope to see you soon for all your trampolining needs at Airborne Trampoline!


For more information on Airborne’s Trampoline birthday parties for kids, and Gymnastics Trampoline Programs, contact any Airborne location by jumping over to

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