Bungee Trampoline Parties

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Bungee Trampoline Parties

Bungee Trampoline Parties are coming soon to Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge

Lets face it. Sometimes we just only have the ability to jump so high. Our bodies, our minds, and our hearts want to shoot for the skies. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Whether we are old, young, big, small, athletic, or a couch potato, we’ve always dreamed of jumping high in the air with the greatest of ease. We’ve seen it all before. In movies, on television, in our favorite comics and magazines. I’m talking about superheroes and daredevils flying 20 feet in the air as if it was of no concern to them. Defying gravity as if it were something made up by our elementary school teachers. Have you ever wondered how it’s done, or how you can do it too? I know it’s been a dream of mine since I was a child.  A solution has been found, and it is safe, fun, thrilling, and can only be found at Airborne Trampoline.

Were talking about the new Bungee Trampoline Parties hosted at Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge. What is a bungee you ask? Well, it is basically a set of elastic bands woven together to form a super elastic band. These half an inch thick bands of rubber can stretch up to three times their length, and snap back to shape at the snap of a finger. Now, imagine this. During Bungee Trampoline Parties, Airborne has connected 12 bungee cords to the ceiling using high strength, stainless steel chain capable of holding more that 1500 pounds each.  The cords, using rock climbing rated carabineers, latch onto a special designed Bungie Trampoline Parties trampoline belts designed by none other than the Olympic Trampoline Team Head Coach, Dave Ross. His company, Rebound Products, has produced the safest and most reliable trampoline belts available in Canada, and once you’re strapped into the belt and have the bungee cords locked in, you are in for the time of your life!

Once you are geared up, and inspected by and Airborne Bungee Trampoline Parties coaches who are Airborne Trampoline and Gymnastics Ontario Certified coaches, you will fly up to 20 feet in the air like it was nothing. It will actually feel like you are a superhero jumping from one adventure to another. The bungees stretch themselves out when you bounce and act as a giant rubber band, pulling you back into the air every time your feet hit the ground. Now, some of you may say that you don’t think jumping 20 feet in the air is safe. Lets analyze this for a second. Are you wondering how the heck you get back on the ground safely? Well, as the bungee cords stretch back out as you descend back to the trampoline, they also slow you down to the point that you are touching the ground like a feather falling from a bird. Only for a second though, as you will no doubt be shot right back up in the air by the same bungee cords that carefully lowered you down.

Airborne trampoline Woodbridge will be offering our new Bungee Trampoline Parties starting in the fall of 2014. Book a Bungee Trampoline Party with us, and the birthday child and his best friend will enjoy the use of Airborne’s bungee belt system. Always under the supervision of an airborne trampoline and Gymnastics Canada certified coach.

Visit, or call us today for more information. (905) 850-8477

Bungie Cords For Trampoline Parties

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