Cosmic Trampoline Parties – Airborne Woodbridge

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Cosmic Trampoline Parties – Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge

Welcome to the future. The future of trampoline birthday parties. COSMIC TRAMPOLINE BIRTHDAY PARTIES! You may have heard rumors of Airborne’s Cosmic Trampoline Parties coming from some Airborne’s other facilities including Airborne Trampoline Newmarket, and Airborne Trampoline Mississauga. Now, its finally being offered at Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge. Host your Cosmic Birthday Parties under the Cosmic atmosphere of Airborne’s high strength,  colored LED’s, lasers, and black lights while your guests jump on Airbornes 6 Olympic Class, high performance trampolines. Always under the supervision of a Airborne & Gymnastics Ontario Certified Trampoline Coaches, and always private.

What are Cosmic Trampoline Parties? Simple! Imagine a standard Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge Birthday Party consisting of exclusive and private use of all of Airborne’s Trampolines, Airborne coaches to host and instruct your party guests, relay races across the trampolines, pop up of the jumpers by Airborne coaches, and Airborne’s exclusive trampoline tricks demonstration. Now, imagine all of that being hosted under the lights of Airborne’s new Cosmic Trampoline laser light system.

First envisioned by the minds at Airborne Trampoline North in Newmarket, the Cosmic Trampoline Parties idea quickly spread to Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge where the facility was upgraded over a period of 3 months to accommodate the electrical and lighting requirements to make it a safe and enjoyable jumping experience. These improvements included the installation of customized low wattage LED bulbs and color filters to project adequate lighting onto the trampolines while the overhead lights are switched off. The custom lasers had to be bolted to the 24 foot ceiling of Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge in order to project onto the walls while not shining into the eyes of Airborne’s jumpers. Next, the black lighting and LED “Nucleus” light show was strapped to the ceilings to complete the effect and bring it all together. Finally, custom electrical wiring was installed to provide power to all these lighting systems and to enable them to be switched on and off at will. A time consuming, meticulous process which was well worth the effort.

Standard Cosmic Trampoline Parties begin with Airborne coaches leading the participants through a warm-up, stretch, and run through of the Airborne rules. Once complete, the jumpers learn the basics on the trampolines including the “Stop bounce”, and some simple trampoline skills such as the “Seat Drop”, “Full Turn/360” and some basic shape jumps. Once Airborne instructors are satisfied that all participants are safely performing these basic skills on the trampolines, the Cosmic  system gets switched on, and the overhead lights go out. Now its time to party! As always, Airborne Trampoline coaches continue to safely monitor and lead the entire party while the Cosmic light show is ongoing. Imagine Cosmic Trampoline relay races, pop ups, and todays hit music for your childs birthday party all under  awe inspiring lightin effects of Airborne’s Cosmic light show.

Airborne Trampoline Facilities in Newmarket, Mississauga, and Woodbridge are proud to offer the Cosmic Birthday Party experience, available now. Don’t delay, book your Cosmic Trampoline Birthday Party online, on the phone, or in person today by visiting any of our Airborne trampoline locations.

We look forward to seeing you at Airborne Trampoline Club Woodbridge!

Airborne Woodbridge Cosmic Trampoline Parties

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