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Cosmic Trampoline Party  – Airborne Trampoline Mississauga

Airborne Trampoline Mississauga recently began transforming its facilities into a new, fun exciting experience for jumpers of all ages. This transformation has included the new Cosmic Trampoline Party packages which are gradually being introduced into all the Airborne Trampoline facilities. Many of our customers are new to the concept of a Cosmic Trampoline Party. What is it? How do I book it? What happens during a Cosmic Trampoline Party? These questions can easily be answered by any Airborne staff member you speak to when you call an Airborne location. Even better, this article will explain in detail what an Airborne Trampoline Cosmic Birthday Party experience is all about.

First, lets explain what this COSMIC part really means. Were sure many of you who live in the great city of Mississauga have visited laser tag, glow in the dark mini golf, and maybe even a bowling alley that does cosmic bowl late in the evenings. Well imagine that concept being brought to a safe, fun, recreational trampoline facility such as Airborne Trampoline Center in Mississauga. Airborne utilizes a laser light system along with LED lighting, black lights, and modern party music to create a unique experience only found at an Airborne Trampoline Cosmic Trampoline Party. The laser lights are specifically set up to allow for an unimpeded jumping experience while creating a unique, thrilling effect on the walls of the facility. The lasers never point towards the jumpers, and rarely come into contact with the trampoline bedding and therefor do no disorient, or impede in Airborne Trampoline Mississauga ‘s safety first trampoline experience. In addition, the LED lights are strategically placed to illuminate the facility in wondrous colors while giving Airborne the ability to switch off the main lights and create a breath taking lighting experience. To top it all off, Airborne Trampoline Mississauga has strategically placed black lights for that added glow while jumping. Wrap all of these lighting features together and you get one heck of a jumping experience.

Is the Airborne Trampoline Mississauga Cosmic Trampoline Party experience safe? Of course! Airborne always utilizes Gymnastics Ontario certified coaches in all of our programs. Airborne coaches are meticulously trained by Gymnastics Ontario, NCCP, and Gymnastics Canada to understand the fundamentals of trampolining as a sport. This gives Airborne Trampoline Mississauga coaches a distinct advantage in keeping all of our participants safe, and having fun even under the lighting of a Cosmic Trampoline Party. All basic skills and trampoline safety rules are instructed and inspected before the start of the cosmic trampoline party. Once all of Airbornes participants have been “shown the ropes”, the lights go off, and its a Cosmic Trampoline Party. Simple, yet super fun!

Listen to what these happy customers have said about Airborne Trampoline Mississauga’s Cosmic Trampoline Party experience.

“We happen to come across Airborne and decided to give its Cosmic Trampoline Party a try. The kids loved it. It really made for a fantastic party atmosphere. We will be having another one very soon.”

Michelle F.

Mississauga, ON.

“Its great. The kids loved it and I feel safe knowing they are under professional supervision at all times.”

Jennifer L.

Oakville, ON.

What are you waiting for? Come give an Airborne Trampoline Mississauga Cosmic Trampoline Party a try. Book Online Today!

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