Fall Trampoline Lessons

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Airborne Trampoline LessonsRegistration Open for Fall Trampoline Lessons.

With fall right around the corner, all Airborne locations have begun taking registrations for their Fall Recreational Trampoline lessons. What are trampoline lessons? Have you ever watched the Summer Olympic Games and seen the Canadian trampoline team doing things that would make normal people dizzy? They all started from the very basic skills in a recreational trampoline lessons program. Airborne Trampoline is one of the leading trampoline facilities providing these recreational trampoline lessons. Now, no one is expecting Airborne jumpers to finish one session of Airborne Trampoline lessons and be as skilled as our Olympic athletes, but the Airborne family of Trampoline facilities are a fantastic place to start.

All Airborne Trampoline locations run trampoline lessons programs throughout the week and on weekends. Accommodating up to 12 participants per class, Airborne Trampoline coaches work one on one with our jumpers to ensure that each participant, regardless of their skill level, has the direct attention of an Airborne coach. This helps ensure that each participant can progress comfortably through Airborne’s class level systems. As you can imagine, some of Airborne’s trampoline lessons participants find it easier to perform certain tricks and skills than others. In this challenge, Airborne coaches have been trained to pinpoint the various errors and mistakes which are common to learning the Olympic Sport of Trampolining. This helps ensure that trampoline class participants do not get bogged down on certain moves and skills. In some situations, Airborne Trampoline lessons participants feed off each other and correct poor form, or complete a difficult skill just by watching one of their fellow classmates practice the same move. As many of us know, sometimes simply getting a different perspective on things (such as a difficult trampoline skill) can make a world of difference in the progress of learning our sport.

Airbornes trampoline coaches are all trained by Gymnastics Ontario certified training programs hosted throughout the year. On top of this training program, Airborne coaches must pass the Airborne Trampoline proficiency evaluation. This final test is supervised by Airborne Trampoline Head Coach Raul Patasan. Raul has over 8 years of experience in teaching the Olympic Sport of Trampoline. He has also been the head coach of Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge Competitive Trampoline Team for 6 years. Prior to this, he was the understudy of former Airborne Trampoline Competitive Team Head Coaches while earning his Trampoline Coach Certifications from Gymnastics Canada. This level of dedication to Airborne’s coach training programs ensures only the highest quality of trampoline coaches in Airborne’s Trampoline Classes.

Having offered Airborne’s trampoline lessons since 1994, Airborne has perfected the way in which lessons are structured and operated. Many of Airborne’s trampoline lessons participants go on to join Airborne’s Competitive Trampoline Team at the end of their session. This honor is offered to the participants who show a distinct dedication and flare for the sport of trampolining. Airborne Trampoline Competitive Athletes compete all over Canada in levels including Interclub, Provincial, and National.

We are sure that anybody who has an interest in participating in our sport will have a blast during Airborne’s Trampoline Lessons programs. It is truly an exhilarating sport which can appeal to jumpers of all ages and skill levels. We hope to see you soon at an Airborne Trampoline facility.

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