Freestyle Ski Trampoline Training

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Freestyle Ski Trampoline Training

As the winter season approaches, freestyle ski trampoline training groups, clubs, teams, and individuals are looking for facilities to safely practice their skills. They need to look no further than Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge.

The perfect training aid for skiers and snowboarders alike is the trampoline. Without a doubt, the only apparatus that can simulate the experience of taking off from a ski jump and sailing through the air is the trampoline. Throughout Airborne’s history, Freestyle Ski Trampoline Training teams, and snowboard teams have been using Airborne’s trampolines for just such a purpose. Whether it be learning basic flips and inversions, or learning spins, twists, 360’s, 1020’s, half ins & outs, or hybrids, Airborne can offer the very best training for all levels of the sport.

How does freestyle ski trampoline training benefit the athlete? It all begins with getting comfortable with the center of gravity. Humans as a species are built to keep their feet on the ground, and their heads above their feet. Jumping, running, twisting and turning all come naturally to us. Yet, when we begin to rotate on the axis of our center of gravity things begin to go a bit wonky. The human inner ear begins sending panic signals to the brain to “right the ship”, which often causes flailing of the limbs and a complete loss of body control. The ultimate goal is to train your body to become used to these maneuvers. Teach it that being inverted is a normal part of what we do. We must become spatially aware of our surrounding even while twisting and turning. Once we accomplish this, the sky is the limit. We’ve all seen professional skiers and snowboarders in competitions such as the Winter Olympics doing incredible things on skis and snowboards. You wouldn’t imagine going off a huge jump, with the intention of flipping, without any prior training would you? That’s where freestyle ski trampoline training comes in.

Integrating freestyle ski trampoline training into a training program is not as difficult as it sounds. Airborne uses high performance, professional trampolines in all of their facilities. These trampolines are of the same design as the ones used in the Olympics by Canada’s Trampoline athletes. They offer superior bounce, and safety as they are carefully balanced while utilizing high performance springs and bedding. Airborne’s Gymnastics Ontario certified coaches are there to assist Airborne’s jumpers in all aspects of their progressions. Most importantly, Airborne coaches teach our athletes how to crash out safely in the event of and loss of control. This includes learning how to land in a seat drop, back drop, stomach drop, and how to safely and properly brace yourself for a crash to minimize any chance of an injury on the hills. Once these techniques are learned, practiced, and perfected, our jumpers move on to the more difficult skills including flips and inversions. Airborne utilities many cutting edge training aids for its freestyle ski trampoline training including foam crash mats of varying sizes, Airborne’s bungee jump harness, Airborne’s spotting belt system, and video camera replay for perfection of various fast moving skills. These training aids ensure that all of our jumpers can transition from the ski hills to the trampolines, and back  again with ease.

Visit Airborne trampoline at any one of its 4 locations and try out our professional Olympic style trampolines. Inquire about our trampoline classes for beginners and advanced athletes which can benefit you on the ski hills and maybe even try a trial class.

Airborne's Freestyle Ski Trampoline Training

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