Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party

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Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party

Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party

A Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party ? It sounds ridiculous until you’ve actually seen it.   Absolutely, and it is amazing!

Airborne Trampoline in Vaughan has outfitted its facility with a cutting edge laser and light show and has debut the new  glow in the dark trampoline party.  Imagine all the fun of a trampoline birthday party at Airborne, but now under the cosmic lights and lasers of Airborne’s brand new glow in the dark trampoline party upgrade.  This fun filled event can be seen on Airborne’s website by visiting where you can view pictures and soon view a video of the glow in the dark trampoline party in action. But don’t take our word for it. Read on and check out how it all started and what its all about.

By now you must have heard or experienced glow in the dark mini golf, glow in the dark bowling, and glow in the dark laser tag. So why not come and check out glow in the dark trampoline parties? Now, we know what you’re thinking. “How the heck can people jump on trampolines in the dark”. Perhaps this is an appropriate time to describe exactly how these glow in the dark trampoline parties work.

Glow in the dark trampoline parties were initially created at the Newmarket location of Airborne Trampoline. Airborne North became a test bed to develop and improve the concept. Airborne instructors were able to ascertain which lighting was sufficient to illuminate the trampolines, and what style of lasers were best suited to make the facility explode with color. Over the course of a year, the system was gradually perfected until all parties were thrilled with the final product. Then, Airborne began its expansion of the Glow In the Dark trampoline parties to other locations, finally being installed in Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge. It was an instant hit. Party hosts loved the idea of adding an additional party atmosphere to Airborne’s already amazing trampoline party experience.

How can glow in the dark jumping be safe? Let’s start off by telling you all about the safety aspects. First and foremost, the trampolines are lit up the entire time by high powered LED lights strategically installed next to the trampolines. This ensures that no matter how dark the building is, the trampolines are still well within the visible lighting range for our jumpers.  More so than that, the lasers and lighting effects are never pointed in a direction that would interfere with the jumpers vision. This ensures that the jumpers will still have a fantastic jumping experience while enjoying the effect of the laser and lighting show being projected on all the walls and floors of Airborne’s facility.

The second most important safety aspect of our glow in the dark trampoline parties is Airborne’s Gymnastics Ontario Certified trampoline coaches. All of Airborne’s trampoline parties are fully hosted and instructed by Airborne’s instructors. This ensures that all participants know the basics and safety rules of trampolining prior to beginning their Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party experience. As comes standard with all of Airborne’s party packages, Airborne’s Trampoline Coaches will teach the kids trampoline tricks, lead trampoline games, and perform a big demonstration to end the hour where they perform flips and tricks over the heads of the party guests. Airborne’s coaches are always in control, and always on hand to lend assistance to any jumpers in need.

Airborne’s Glow In The Dark Trampoline Parties are a blast.  But don’t take our word for it. Jump over and check out and Airborne “Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party” today. For a quick clip of what an Airborne Trampoline Party is all about. Check out the video below!

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