Trampoline Gymnastics In Newmarket Aurora : Success Is All In The Brain!

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Trampoline Gymnastics In Newmarket Aurora: Success Is All In The Brain!

If any of you have tried Trampoline or Gymnastics in Newmarket Aurora, you will know that the experience of bouncing on a trampoline is obviously different for each of us. Like swimming or eating ice cream; it is very subjective and specific to the individual doing it. Despite what mainstream philosophy may tell us, science has tackled the objective underpinnings of the subjective experience. One method of knowing what is happening to a person when they experience a sensation of emotion is to monitor what the physical brain is doing in response to certain stimulus. For example, we know that as with trampoline play, seeing images of loved ones will trigger emotions of joy and comfort; likewise, if we are exposed to scenes of violence, most of us will react with feelings of fear or sadness depending on how graphic said scenes are. This is mostly due to the amygdala, which is an almond-shape gland (funny that its name means “almond” in Greek) that is responsible for regulating emotions in us, and how we perceive them in other people. I say MOSTLY due to the amygdala because there is much more to the process of emotion, but for the sake of this article, we will focus on the little almond.
The amygdalae (plural – we have two) are located close to the hippocampus, in the frontal part of the temporal lobe. A number of people have had their amygdalae stimulated while undergoing brain surgery and been asked to report what sensations they were experiencing – invariably, all patients felt imminent danger and fear. Emotion, it seems, is a result of our brains reacting to stimuli from the natural world. What we do, how we do it, and with whom can have significant impact on how we feel about our experiences.
I have studied (mostly for my own indulgence) the subjective experiences of people doing what they love, or at times what they hate and are scared to do. Pertinent to the topic of Trampoline & Gymnastics in Newmarket Aurora, I have spoken to national and Olympic champions, their representations of how winning or losing felt at the time of competition; or how failure or success was to be interpreted by them often showed familiar patterns but never without the personal touch. To Jason, winning was nice because it was the result of good training and preparation, and losing was bad because he had let down all the people who had been part of initial preparation and training. To Fritz, by contrast, winning was good also because he had trained and prepared well, but the quality of competition he had faced made all the difference, and when it came to losing it was only related to the initial preparations and training, all others involved were immaterial to the outcome of an event. If two people experiencing the same occurrence, with the same intensity, can feel completely different about it, then the range of emotions an experience can bring about may in fact be limited by how we view the events taking place.
There is so much we can say about subjectivity and some may dismiss it as “soft stuff”, as unimportant. And trust me, I am, after all a scientist, all I allow to guide me is the evidence and the data I can measure. However, and I say this with enough caution as to avoid being misinterpreted: we need to pay attention to how something makes us feel, and what it makes us want. Does doing trampoline or Gymnastics in Newmarket Aurora, whether competitively of merely for a good time make you want to continue doing it? Do you want to talk to others about it? Is it your private thing that you’d rather keep secret? Do you think about it often? How much do you really love it? These questions are not to be taken lightly; they are a way to understand not only your desire to do Trampoline or Gymnastics in Newmarket Aurora, but your mental potential to achieve greatness in the sport you love.

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