Airborne’s Indoor Trampoline Gym

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Airborne’s Indoor Trampoline Gym

Airborne Indoor Trampoline

Do your kids love jumping? Do they cry and whine for you to sign them up into programs at an indoor trampoline gym? GREAT! Trampolining  is a fantastic way to get active and Airborne Trampoline is the perfect trampoline facility for you.

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Airborne Trampoline has locations in Vaughan, Newmarket, and Cambridge and specializes in the Olympic sport of trampoline. Airborne offers all sorts of trampoline programs including trampoline classes, trampoline parties, trampoline day camps, and trampoline school programs.Best of all, all of Airborne’s programs are hosted by Gymnastics Ontario certified coaches and counselors with First Aid & CPR certifications.

To give you a better picture of what Airborne Trampoline is, here are a few things that Airborne can guarantee you to provide a great experience to your children.
High Quality Staff: Compared to outdoor trampolines, your kids will participate in a safe, child-friendly environment. Airborne’s jumpers are hosted by professional trampoline coaches who have undergone substantial training to safely teach all of the cool tricks and skills on the trampolines. Airborne’s staff love kids and have an incredible passion for their job. Considering the safety risks, lack of supervision, maintenance, and weather restraints involved in an outdoor trampoline, Airborne Trampoline can provide you with a year round indoor trampoline facility that is perfect for your kids trampolining needs.
Proper Instruction: Participating in any activity can be risky for very young children. It is always important to have the proper instruction right from the start. This is not limited to the jumpers, however. Often parents with small children desire to accompany their kids near or on the trampolines. In that event, it is crucial that parents are informed and understand the safety techniques to properly assist their child while jumping. This is not only beneficial to kids but also to adults who want to exercise and become physically fit. Often, participating with your children can become a fantastic workout for both parents and kids. But one must always remember that safety is the number one priority.
Structured Programs: Children crave structure. It is the basis for all kids activities. Free for all activities are fun for a short period of time. But if you look closely, children begin to set goals for themselves almost immediately. They could be small goals such as bouncing a ball as high as possible. Or larger goals like convincing their friends to try the same trick they just learned. If you provide your child with a goal to achieve, they will actively work towards it. Its simple human nature. At Airborne, participants are provided with achievement ribbons and medals during the recreational class programs, and summer trampoline camps. These ribbons are only obtained after the participant passes one of Airborne’s 24 trampoline skill levels. Kids love being rewarded.

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The benefits of jumping on Airborne’s indoor trampolines can help your child stay in shape mentally and physically. However, this cannot be said for every type of trampoline. The quality of the equipment goes a long way in both the overall enjoyment, and level of physical exertion. Here are a few of the benefits of jumping at Airborne’s indoor trampoline facility.
Exercise: Finding a sport that your children love can be a daunting task. Especially in multi child households. The goal of enrolling your child in a sport should not be to produce the next superstar (although that may happen), but more so for their well being both physically and mentally. Jumping is a fundamental movement of all children. How often have your caught your kids jumping from excitement, or jumping on the bed. Its natural, its fun, and it’s a great way to stay fit. In fact, jumping on a trampoline can burn up to 800 calories an hour. Here at Airborne, we have a wide variety of programs and services to cater to all age groups and skill levels. Try Airborne’s indoor trampoline programs as a sport and watch your kids fall in love with being active.
Improved posture: With the advent of modern technology, children are at an increased risk of hunching over their computer screens, smart phones, and tablets. This can lead to poor posture and sore backs due to reduced muscle mass around the upper back and shoulders. Jumping on Airborne’s indoor trampolines can assist in building strength and flexibility back in those areas by providing a low impact sport which is gentle on the bones and muscles. Airborne’s high performance trampolines are top of the line and the softest bounce available. A fantastic workout, and the safest way to participate in a sport that helps to improve posture and muscle mass.

If you’re looking for a fantastic, safe, and structured indoor trampoline facility, check out Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge, Newmarket, and Cambridge. The instructors are the best around, certified by Gymnastics Ontario, and specialize in the Olympic sport of trampoline.
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