Kids Activities In Vaughan – Why Not Try A Trampoline Lesson!

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Kids Activities In Vaughan – Why Not Try A Trampoline Lesson!

Since 1994, Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge has been offering its Public Jumping programs to the general public who were looking for kids activities in Vaughan. Public Jumping gave the kids in the Vaughan area a chance to bounce on Airborne’s Olympic size, high performance trampolines for an hour of fun. Since then, Airborne has expanded into multiple locations including Mississauga (Airborne Trampoline Centre), Newmarket (Airborne Trampoline North & JumpZone Trampoline Park), and Cambridge (Airborne Trampoline KW) with future expansions expected for the Markham area (name not yet picked, any suggestions?). Recently, Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge has decided to expand its Public Jumping programs to include a free introductory trampoline lessons. But what is it all about, and what is included in Airborne’s newest promotion? Read on to find out why Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge is now offering the hottest kids activities in Vaughan.

Kids Activities In Vaughan
Olympic Size Trampolines

Trampoline Parks. We’ve all heard of them by now. Basically, bring your kids in to jump around on little trampoline mats surrounded by hundreds of other kids trying random trampoline tricks placing both themselves and your kids at risk. With these new facilities popping up all over the G.T.A., Airborne aimed to offer something these places could not. Enter the “Free Introductory Trampoline Lesson” which now comes standard at Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge. Reserve your jump times in advance by calling in, and come out for an exciting hour on Airborne’s Olympic Size, high performance trampolines. Once you arrive, Airborne instructors will take you through all the basics you need to know to safely participate on the trampolines. This includes a warmup, stretch, safety rules, and how to safely stop jumping on Airborne’s large trampolines. Once this has been understood by all the jumpers, the fun begins.

Kids Activities In Vaughan
Certified Trampoline Instructors

Airborne employes certified trampoline instructors who have achieved a minimum of Level 1 Trampoline Coach certification through Gymnastics Ontario, Gymnastics Canada, and N.C.C.P. in which they are properly trained on how to instruct various trampoline skills and tricks. During Public Jumping, Airborne’s trampoline coaches constantly supervise the trampolines while offering all the jumpers a chance to learn the introductory trampoline lesson. Our customers can feel free to refuse the lesson and continue enjoying their time, or accept and be taught how to perform basic trampoline tricks starting with shape jumps such as the star jump, pike jump, straddle jump, and tuck jump. Once these basic skills are achieved (trust us, it doesn’t take long), Airborne’s instructors can take the next step and begin teaching the jumpers more advanced skills including the “Seat Drop” and “Swivel Hips”. With progressions leading up to each skill, you can rest assured you wont run out of things to do during your jump times. Bring a bottle of water, or buy one on site. You’re gonna need it!

Kids Activities In Vaughan
Fully Supervised

Call Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge today and reserve your spot in an hour of Airborne Public Jumping, the hottest of the kids activities in Vaughan. Airborne offers Public hours during any available time slot. Keep Airborne in mind during your next P.A. Day and holiday when Airborne opens daytime hours for Public Jumping.

If you’ve already tried out Airborne’s introductory trampoline lesson, perhaps you would be interested in joining an Airborne Trampoline Class session and learning even more tricks in Airborne’s Trampoline Skill Levels (including achievement ribbons and medals). Don’t forget, Trampolining is now an Olympic sport, perhaps your child will one day compete for Canada in the Summer Olympic Games. After all, Canadian Olympic Trampoline Team member Jason Burnet started off his career at Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge. Could your child be next?

Kids Activities In Vaughan
Trampoline Classes

Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge

(905) 850-8477

One Of The Best Kids Activities In Vaughan

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