The Best Kids Parties Toronto Has To Offer

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The Best Kids Parties Toronto Has To Offer!

Hey Toronto! How many of you are looking for the safest, and most exciting trampoline kids parties Toronto has to offer. I bet a whole lot of you. You see, by now we’ve all heard of the stigma behind the new wave of trampoline parks popping up all over the area. The HUGE rooms full of trampolines with little to no supervision, instruction, or safety precautions. Perhaps some of you have taken your kids there, or have been there yourself. Either way, were sure you’re all thinking the same thing. Those places are expensive, dangerous, and WAY too busy for the type of kids parties Toronto families are looking for. Perhaps you’ve heard of the alternative, Airborne Trampoline. If not, read on and check out why Airborne Trampoline is the safest and most entertaining trampoline facility for kids parties Toronto, and why parents have been coming back for more, since 1994.

Airborne Trampoline was founded by Maria Martin, an ex gymnast who fell in love with the Olympic Sport of trampoline when she found a recreational trampoline facility in Richmond Hill. Within a few years, Maria had opened the very first Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge (1994). Since then, Airborne has expanded into multiple locations including Newmarket, Mississauga, and Cambridge with future locations in Markham on the horizon. Specializing in the sport of trampolining, rather than the simple bouncing around of kids, Airborne has perfected the safe and entertaining approach to kids birthday parties. This includes utilizing Certified Trampoline Coaches (certified through Gymnastics Canada), and running instructed, fully led and supervised programs. Maria definitely had the right idea, as parents looking for kids birthday parties Toronto and the surrounding G.T.A. have flocked to Airborne to make their child’s special day a party to remember.

Airborne cant just call itself the “best kids parties Toronto has to offer” without providing some proof of the fact. Lets start with explaining a traditional trampoline birthday party at Airborne Trampoline. Fully led by Airborne’s certified trampoline coaches, the participants are led through a warm-up, stretch, rules of the facility, and basics on the trampoline (including how to safely stop jumping) before being set up on their trampolines. Once completed, the Airborne instructors teach the jumpers basic skills including shape jumps, and seat drops while ensuring everyone performs the tricks safely and correctly. The kids will definitely notice a difference on Airborne’s Olympic Size, high performance trampolines which make performing these skills as easy as rolling out of bed. Fear not, we are aware that all children are not athletic and sports oriented. In consideration of this, Airborne has surrounded all their trampolines with custom padding and crash mats in the event that a jumper loses their balance. In conjunction with all the trampolines being built into a custom made deck (making the trampolines flush with ground level), Airborne has created the safest trampolining environment for kids parties Toronto parents could ask for.

Check out a preview video of the parties available at Airborne in Woodbridge below.

The best part is yet to come, however. Airborne has kicked it up a notch and brought a whole new experience to the trampoline party experience. Airborne is proud to introduce the Cosmic and Bungee trampoline parties. You should really click on the links and jump over to Airborne’s website to see what these new features are all about. But, we can give you a quick sample to peak your curiosity.

Strap the birthday child into Airborne’s new Bungee trampoline harness and watch them soar up to 25 feet in the air while safely strapped into the Bungee Belt System.


Bungee kids partis toronto

Choose the Cosmic Trampoline Party package and jump under the lights and lasers of Airborne’s brand new cosmic lights system. Always under the supervision of Airborne’s certified trampoline instructors, and always with today’s hit music playing through Airborne’s sound system.

Cosmic kids parties toronto

Jump over to Airborne’s website for more information on all of the best trampoline kids parties Toronto has to offer, and all the other trampoline programs and services. Don’t forget, you can always book your parties online through Airborne’s online party booking system.


Airborne Trampoline

Check Out ALL of Airborne Trampoline’s Amazing Locations.

Airborne Trampoline Newmarket

Airborne Trampoline Club: Woodbridge

Airborne Trampoline Centre:  Mississauga

Airborne Trampoline KW: Cambridge.

Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge is a proud member of Gymnastics Ontario/Canada.


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