A Funny Thing Happened At A Kids Party In Vaughan

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A Funny Thing Happened At A Kids Party In Vaughan

A funny thing happened at a kids party in Vaughan. Its actually a story that I’m asked to share quite often. Everyone seems to want to know how the heck all the coaches at Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge learned how to do flips and tricks over the kids during their “High Flying Demonstration” at the end of Airborne’s Trampoline Birthday Parties. Where did it start? Who started it? What were they thinking? The story has been told many times, by many different people, and now I will tell you the real version, from the horses mouth. After all, I am the “horse” that started it.

It all began back in 2000 – 2002. Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge (which first opened its doors in 1994) had begun to be well known as a great place for a kids party in Vaughan. The coaches at the time were a small, close knit group of people who enjoyed jumping on the trampolines as much as they enjoyed coaching kids, and hosting trampoline parties. I was amongst those coaches. My friends and I would often stay well after closing time, practicing new tricks, new spins, new flips. After all, this was the only time we could actually get away with learning new skills while not having to supervise other jumpers. We weren’t amazing, none of us were going to the Olympics any time soon (although some of us had the potential, if not the drive and discipline), but we had fun learning new tricks and figuring out how far we could push the limits of the ceiling height, and our own comfort levels. At the time, Airborne Woodbridge wasn’t in the most ideal building for the concept of a trampoline club. It was a fantastic facility for a kids party in Vaughan, but the ceiling lay only 14 feet above the trampolines. This limited our ability to learn tricks which required extreme height. So, my friends and I played around with tricks which played to the facilities strengths, which were its length and width.

So it began. One day we decided to see if we could try to jump from one trampoline to another while performing basic tricks and flips including Baranis, Front Tucks, and Back Tucks. We were all remarkably fast at perfecting these tricks, as adding forward momentum to a flip, which we already performed with ease, was found to be quite simple. One of the biggest “No No’s!” in the sport of trampolining is “traveling”, or doing anything which takes you outside the big red box in the center of the trampoline. Many people (myself included) had a difficult time minimizing traveling while learning flips. Therefore, intentionally adding more forward or backward momentum in order to get from one trampoline to another seemed like a natural progression. Don’t get me wrong, some instances ended up in some pretty funny crashes, but nothing came close to serious. Pretty soon, my friends and I were competing against each other to see who could perform the “coolest trick” or the “longest distance traveled” from one trampoline to another. It was fun, it was challenging, and it was wildly captivating for me. It was the closest I’d ever felt to flying through the air like superman. Pretty soon it was obvious that most of our less active friends were showing up purely to watch “the idiots throw their bodies through the air”. We loved the audience, and we loved the challenge of outperforming each other.

Fast forward. I was hosting a kids party in Vaughan Airborne, and everything was running smoothly. The guests were having a great time, I had shown them basic tricks like seat drop & tuck jump, and I had finished the relay race with one team dominating the other in 3 separate races (very one sided!). The party was winding down, and I was running into the same old problem of how to end the party. Its strange, because everyone is exhausted by the end of an Airborne Trampoline Party, but simply stopping the party and saying “its over now” seemed very anti climactic. Then it dawned on me, “I’m going to show off a little and end this party with a bang”.

Kids party in Vaughan

Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of the story of the first “High Flying Skills Demonstration” during a kids party in Vaughan at Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge.


This story has been written by Steve M. A former coach at Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge. Steve was one of the original coaches for Airborne’s wildly popular kids party in Vaughan.

Jump over to Airborne’s website for more information on Trampoline Birthday Parties. Airborne has been rated one of the best and safest places for a kids party in Vaughan. Check us out today!

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