A Funny Thing Happened At A Kids Party Vaughan (Part 4)

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A Funny Thing Happened At A Kids Party Vaughan

Part 4

Hiyoooo! Good to see you again. Here is part 4 of the story of the first “High Flying Skills Demonstration” performed at a kids party Vaughan. If you missed it, or need a refresher on Part 1, 2, or 3, click PART 1 or PART 2 or PART 3 to jump over and enjoy the whole story from the very start. In the off chance that you clicked in here accidentally, why not jump over to Airborne’s Website and see everything we have to offer?

Now, onward with the finale of the story!

The problem was that word had spread about the “tricks demonstration at the end of a party during a kids party Vaughan at Airborne”. Now people were calling and asking for it. In some situations, people would refuse to book their parties unless they were told they could have the guy who does the demonstration at the end. Obviously this posed a problem for Airborne Woodbridge as I was the only coach who could perform the tricks. With a roster of 7 coaches, the chances of getting me during a party was slim. So, on the managers orders, I ceased the tricks show (except for people who really, really demanded it, and risking my job in the process by disobeying my manager). Our returning customer base was not very happy to hear about the tricks show no longer being available. Not much we could do about it I suppose. Not until our manager came around and saw that the skills demonstration was safe and well executed.
Fast forward a year and low and behold, my manager was moving onto new pastures. Leaving the managerial role at Airborne Woodbridge up for grabs. I applied for the position and my experience and rapport with the owners ensured that I got the job. Over time, few coaches left to pursue their university degrees, and I had the opportunity to hire on some talented people who frequented Airborne’s Public Jumping. I made it my goal to find some common ground with the owners and Gymnastics Ontario (who governs all Gymnastics and Trampoline clubs in the province) in order to push to bring in the “tricks demonstration”. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult. The concern of falling on a guest was solved by positioning the guests on either side of the end deck mat which left a 3 foot gap between the jumpers. If something did stop me from flying forward (which is physically impossible) and I dropped straight down, I would have a nice buffer zone of 3 feet in which to land safely, and not on any awe struck guests. With that policy agreed upon, and in place, I began training my newly hired coaches everything I knew about flipping over the mats. It took a while, but everyone picked up on it and added their own special touch.
To this day, the “high flying tricks demonstration” has been heavily modified from my original show and now includes the best of all the coaches ideas to make it as impressive as possible. I’m sure my old manager might still have something to say about it. But hey, its been over 12 years and literally thousands of trampoline parties ending with a high flying demonstration with ZERO accidents. I guess physics was accurate after all.

Today, we continue to push the boundaries of trampoline kids party Vaughan. We’ve recently introduced our new Cosmic Birthday Parties which have been a hit. The new Bungee Trampoline Party has also taken off (pun intended) quite well. I hope you come and check them out and consider hosting your next kids party Vaughan at Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge.

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This concludes the story (a very long winded story) of the very first “High Flying Skills Demonstration” during a kids party Vaughan at The Airborne Trampoline Club.


Fondly remembered by Steve M. An N.C.C.P. certified coach at The Airborne Trampoline Club in Woodbridge. Steve was one of the original coaches for Airborne’s incredibly popular Vaughan kids party at Airborne.

Jump over to Airborne’s website for more information on Trampoline Birthday Parties. Airborne has been rated one of the best and safest places for a kids party Vaughan. Check out Airborne today!


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