March Break Trampoline Day Camp Is Here

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March Break Trampoline Day Camp Is Here

Campers from all over Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Toronto, Brampton, Bolton, & Nobleton (to name a few) will be heading over to Airborne Trampoline Vaughan next week to participate in Airborne’s amazing March Break Trampoline Day Camp. With enrolment bigger and better than ever, Airborne is upping its game and bringing out all the big trips, activities, and games to make this the best March Break Trampoline Day Camp ever. If you haven’t already heard, check out Airborne’s Trampoline camp HERE. Or read on for a snippet of what Airborne’s campers can expect for this exciting week.


March Break Trampoline Day Camp

Airborne’s March Break Trampoline Day Camps are definitely not your typical day camp. Obviously, Airborne Trampoline Vaughan specializes in the Olympic sport of trampolining and this is the core concept of the camp.

First and foremost, Airborne campers are here to learn this fantastic sport and have a blast while doing it. To facilitate this, Airborne’s Trampoline Certified instructors begin the campers day with a warmup and stretch to prepare them for the fantastic workout involved in trampolining. Next  the coaches explain the rules and safety instructions to all participants in order to give everyone the basic skills to begin their trampoline adventure. Then, its onto the trampolines where the Airborne instructors will asses every camper and assign them a skill level to begin learning new tricks and abilities. Once assed, Airborne Coaches and counselors lead the jumpers through Airborne’s 24 skill level system which begins with the basics of trampolining such as basic shape jumps, all the way to flips and inversions. With 2-4 hours of trampolining per day, Airborne campers often fly through multiple levels and obtain achievement ribbons on their first day of camp. This encourages the campers to continue their hard work and learn all the tricks and skills Airborne has to offer by practicing on their own, or with friends who consistently challenge them to keep going.

Games & Movie Room Trampolining is not the only activity that goes on in Airborne’s March Break Trampoline Day Camp. After the morning trampoline time has ended. Airborne campers have the opportunity to participate in arts & crafts led by the Airborne counselors and coaches, play on electronic devices with their friends, challenge other campers to a video game on Airborne’s big screen projector and Nintendo Wii system, or jump into organized sports activities led by Airborne’s coaches.

March Break Trampoline Day Camp

Not all activities happen at Airborne Trampoline Vaughan’s facility. Airborne makes sure the campers have a huge variety of activities to participate in during their “trip of the day” and BIG “trip of the week” activity.

Check out some of the possible activities that are often included in Airborne’s Summer, Winter, P.A. Day & March Break Trampoline Day Camps.


Click HERE For The Current Trip Of The Day Schedule

March Break Trampoline Day Camp

All of these great activities and entertainment are included in the cost of Airborne’s March Break Trampoline Camp. The best part is you can choose to sign up for individual days based on which trips and activities your little camper would like to participate in, or the entire week of camp for a discounted weekly rate. Airborne even offers a 5% sibling discount for weekly campers to help ease the financial burden of multi child households. No matter what activity or event Airborne is hosting, you can be sure it is always hosted by Airborne’s Gymnastics Ontario certified counselors and coaches.

Check out Airborne’s March Break Trampoline Day Camp today!

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