Mom Approved Trampoline Parties

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Mom Approved Trampoline Parties

Airborne Trampoline Parties

Have you ever gone on a mommie website to find out about trampoline parties? Mommie websites and groups are all the rage these days. With the advent of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and many other social media platforms, groups of Moms have gotten together and formed powerful communication groups to share ideas and insights into what to do with their families across the G.T.A. and Canada. Now, we don’t know who came up with that idea in the first place. But frankly it is a great idea and it benefits both the user and the businesses which see increased traffic as a result of recommendations from these sites. A few fantastic sites that stand out are Vaughan Moms, Moms Town Vaughan and Yummy Mummy . Taking a stroll through these sites gives you a whole variety of interactions and  recommendations to choose from. From local businesses, recipes, and get togethers you will find just about whatever you need there. Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge has had great success hosting events that have either booked after being recommended by, or heard about through moms who frequent these types of sites.  So we asked our mommy site frequenting customers what it took to get them to consider Airborne Trampoline as mommie approved trampoline parties.

  • “I loved how professional and patient your staff were. They really took charge of my son’s trampoline parties and made sure everything flowed smoothly.”

This comment was much appreciated. No one wants to let their children be swept up in a “free for all” with no one in charge.  Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge prides itself in the professionalism of our trampoline coaches and staff. When children first participate in trampoline parties, it is always important to have the proper instruction FIRST. Many people don’t know that trampolining as a sport can be dangerous. Most injuries are easily preventable by having some sort of instruction starting off the jump time. Airborne’s trampoline instructors always lead off the trampoline parties with a warm-up, safety rules, and the basics on the trampoline. This gives kids a great start in staying safe and having fun.

  •  “Airborne was clean and well maintained. Unlike some other facilities I’ve been to.”

While not true in all cases, many childrens facilities can get run down and dirty very easily. It’s no secret that children make a mess. Usually a BIG mess. Bathrooms, lobbies, party rooms, and entertainment areas can get hit pretty hard by a group of high energy kids. It is incredibly difficult to stay on top of those trampoline parties and maintain cleanliness. Turn your back for more than a moment and paper towel is being thrown everywhere! Airborne’s staff makes a concerted effort to stay on top of the cleanliness of the facility. Admittedly, it can get out of hand at some points. But staying on top of it is paramount in maintaining customer satisfaction and continuously hosting mom approved trampoline parties.

These are just two samples of what our mommie site frequenting customers have said about Airborne’s facilities and trampoline parties. Don’t take our word for it. Jump on over to Airborne Trampoline today and experience what makes Airborne mom approved.

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