Airborne Trampoline North – A Newmarket Gymnastics Club

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Newmarket Gymnastics Club – Try Airborne Trampoline North

Newmarket Gymnastics Club and Trampolining

Have you heard of Airborne Trampoline North? Many of our readers have already tried out our fantastic Newmarket location, but if you haven’t, read on to check out what your missing. Airborne is a recreational trampoline facility that caters to the Olympic sport of Trampoline, and also a Newmarket Gymnastics Club ?

The word or the name “gymnastics” seems to paint a complex picture in the minds of those who hear it, but are not familiar with what it actually represents. Personally, I’ve heard people associate it with anything from Cheerleading (and yes it is a sport), to circus performance. And while annoying at the worst of times, because of the explanation I must submit to others after letting them know that I am involved in gymnastics; the correlation isn’t too far from the mark. There is a very important element of gymnastics to the disciplines mentioned above; in fact, one could safely say that sports like Trampoline are gymnastics based. But this is where the idea can get a little fussy, with some very trivial details left to the imagination of the listener.

Gymnastics is often associated by the majority of people with girls parading and twirling around in leotards and other colorful outfits; and irritatingly so, men are seldom put into the picture frame that results from thinking about the sport. It is true that women dominate the more graceful side of the sport – not to diminish the effort that females put into their training – I don’t know many football players that could outperform female gymnasts in an endurance test. But men are responsible for most of the advancements in the sport; in terms of pushing difficulty and doing harder skills, anyway.

And I digress… however; it is worth mentioning that the same patterns are observed in the sport of Trampoline. This isn’t where the similarities end. As mentioned in the first paragraph, Trampoline is a gymnastics-based sport; it borrows the basic idea of acrobatic movement and adapts it to the dynamics provide by the equipment used in its training. Flipping, or somersaulting are an integral part of both sports, in gymnastics a flip is usually done on the floor or of the bars onto a floor landing, these flips are generally performed at a faster speed, at least when it comes to single somersaults, than they would be on an trampoline as the bed of the trampoline will provide with considerably more height and hang-time. Because of this increased power and height, trampolinists are able to perform more complex skills than gymnasts. Take for example a trademark of Trampoline: the Fliffus; a double front somersault with a half (1800) twist on the second flip. The skill, when done correctly demands that the athlete performing it “kicks out” or fully stretches their body at the upside-down position while entering the second somersault. It is a beautiful display of control and power that could not be exhibited by gymnasts using a foam or spring floor as a source of bounce. The “kick out” is expected in all flips that are done in a tuck or pike position, this holds true regardless of the amount of somersaulting the athlete does, triples and quadruples are always executed in the same form.

Yes, Trampoline is gymnastics based; it is like the offspring of the artistic gymnastics movement, which has undoubtedly given rise to many incredible disciplines through direct influence. It is also important to note that all these disciplines, including gymnastics itself, often count on the trampoline as an essential developmental tool. For now, let us not worry about that question that many have asked me before, of which of these disciplines is better than others; like I have said before: not sport is better than another, they are all simply different.

Newmarket Gymnastics Club Airborne
Gymnastics Trampoline Classes

If your looking for a Newmarket gymnastics club, I’d recommend giving Airborne Trampoline North a try.

Airborne Trampoline North specializes in the gymnastics sport of trampoline. Airborne is a proud member of Gymnastics Ontario, Gymnastics Canada, and employs certified trampoline coaches through N.C.C.P.

This fantastic blog was created by Peyton Dracco, a Certified Trampoline Coach at Airborne Trampoline North, a Newmarket Gymnastics Club.

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Airborne Trampoline is a recreational trampoline facility with locations in Newmarket, Woodbridge, Mississauga and Cambridge.

Airborne offers Gymnastics Trampoline programs in both Airborne Trampoline North and the new JumpZone Trampoline Park. When looking for a Newmarket Gymnastics Club, give Airborne Trampoline a try.

Click here to jump over to Airborne’s website for further info on the programs offered to the Newmarket Gymnastics Club Location.

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