Pokemon Unplugged

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Put down the cell phone. Disconnect from Wi-Fi. Remove the headphones. It’s time to go unplugged.


Pokemon Unplugged


Technology can be overwhelming. Not only is it always evolving, but it can take over daily life. When we are bored, we turn to technology as a solution. Looking for fun? Open the Internet. With technology being so dependable, it can quickly take over our day and we take for granted how important it is to step away from the digital world and live in the moment.


Our kids will be the first to inform us of the latest technological craze. Kids seem to keep us in the loop about the newest and most fun game out there. A card game that was once an “old and outdated” pastime has reappeared everywhere faster than the blink of an eye. Only this time, animated.


That is, Pokémon.


Pokémon Go, the newest game available on our smart phone, is everywhere! People are all over the map trying to catch the most valuable Pokémon and everyone is on a quest to win. Kids, teenagers, adults, you name it. It is safe to say Pokémon is all the hype.


So where does this leave us? Airborne Trampoline KW will not ignore the excitement surrounding Pokémon. Instead, we have decided to embrace it. The only difference is … we are embracing it without the help of our handy-dandy cell phones.


Fridays at our summer camp feature Pokémon Unplugged, a day dedicated to giving kids the chance to participate in Pokémon themed trampoline games, win prizes and watch a Pokémon movie. We let kids celebrate the world of Pokémon, without being glued to their phone screen. Kids will laugh, play and socialize without the help of technology.


Campers will take part in a scavenger hunt where they track down cards hidden within the building. Kids love the competition and thrill of finding the most valuable cards. This is a high energy and exciting game, and the winner receives a grand Pokémon prize if they catch ‘em all!


Classic games like bingo and pin the tail have been transformed into a world of Pokémon. Kids share laughs and enjoy a game we all probably played once or twice growing up. Then, after a day of games, campers will unwind and relax by watching a movie or episode of, you guessed it, Pokémon!


Airborne Trampoline KW loves giving campers a new adventure. Unplugged Fridays give kids something new and exciting to look forward to every Monday morning. Their summer days won’t fall into a boring routine. Instead, every week will provide them with new thrills, fun competition and exciting stories. Airborne provide an upbeat, safe environment where kids can be kids.


Everyone is talking about it. Tons of people are playing it. So why not experience it?

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