Pre Competitive Trampoline Classes

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Pre Competitive Trampoline Classes

Pre Competitive Trampoline Classes

Many of Airborne’s Competitive Trampoline team athletes got their start by joining up with an Airborne Trampoline Newmarket recreational trampoline class. Many of them came over from other gymnastics facilities where they found that the trampoline was their preferred way to engage in the exciting world of gymnastics. Some, on the other hand, found that they had difficulty transitioning from the recreational world of trampolining (which includes backyard trampolines and re-bounders) to the competitive world of Airborne North’s Competitive trampoline team. Airborne Trampoline Norths coaches and competitive athletes recognized the significant jump from the recreational trampoline lifestyle to the world of competitive trampoline, and set out to provide a new type of class to help bridge the gap.

Introducing Pre Competitive Trampoline Classes.

The Pre Competitive Trampoline Class was first envisioned by Airborne Trampoline North’s competitive trampoline coaches Jose, and Jenn. Their goal was to create a training class that bridged the gap between recreational trampoline classes, and the high pace environment of the competitive trampoline team. Jose, being a certified Level 2 trampoline coach, and Jenn having achieved her Level 3 trampoline certification, sat down and brain stormed what they could possibly do to increase the immediate level of success their athletes desired when being welcomed on to the competitive trampoline team. One of the main ideas was to improve the quality of the skills the athletes must know before arriving on the competitive team. Jenn and Jose knew that with the correct skills in place, it would ensure the highest chances of success in on the competitive trampoline circuit. The idea quickly started snowballing into what is now the Pre-Competitive Trampoline class.

It is important to remember all the fine details that go into an athletes performance during a gymnastic, or trampoline competition. Judges are meticulously trained to spot even the most remote flaw in a competitive trampolinist routine. In fact, there are multiple, lengthy training courses hosted by Gymnastics Ontario with the goal of teaching how to point out the finer details which “cant be missed” by modern day judges. Obviously, some of these finer points are relaxed for our younger and lower level athletes, but in the end, every mistake counts towards the final score, and every little error affects the outcome. The Pre Competitive Trampoline Class sets out to perfect these little flaws that can plague a new member of the competitive trampoline team and correct them before they become a bad habit. The competitive trampoline team coaches, Jose & Jenn, who oversee the Pre Competitive Trampoline Classes, know the ins and outs of what trampoline judges look for during gymnastics and trampoline competitions. Everything from pointing toes, correct body positioning, and improvement of spacial awareness are worked on and perfected. however, this only scratches the surface. With over 10 years of competitive trampoline team head coach experience, Jenn will work one on one with our pre competitive athletes to fully prepare them for potentially joining Airborne Trampoline North’s Competitive Trampoline Team.

The Pre Competitive Trampoline Class is truly the perfect bridge between the recreational trampoline life, and the world of competitive Gymnastics and Trampoline. If you, or someone you know think they have what it takes to be the next Olympic trampoline star, perhaps looking into Airborne’s Pre Competitive Trampoline Class would be the perfect stepping stone. Jump over to Airborne’s website, or give Airborne Trampoline North in Newmarket a call today for more information on the new Pre-Competitive trampoline classes.

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