Trampoline Parks Safety

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Safety at Trampoline Parks

Airborne Trampoline facilities are safe, fun, professionally coached and supervised trampoline parks. This article sets out to help briefly explain the differences between Airborne Facilities and the other “unsafe” trampoline parks.  Airborne also hopes to spread awareness of what to expect when visiting these other facilities. Which may not be as safe as you think.

First, we have to go deeper into what makes a trampoline park safe, and unsafe. It all boils down to the supervision and coaching (or lack there of) involved.

Airborne Trampoline uses Gymnastics Ontario Certified coaches during all of its programs and services. These coaches have gone through rigorous training provided by NCCP, Gymnastics Ontario, and Gymnastics Canada. This training program is designed to teach Airborne coaches how to properly spot the dangers associated with unsafe trampolining, and how to properly instruct trampoline tricks and skills. The supervisors at these other trampoline parks go through NONE of the same training. They simply supervise your children jumping. Perhaps they will step in if a child appears to be hurt. However, they will not do much to prevent the child from getting hurt.  They simply don’t know what to do or say.

This lack of training makes it very easy for your child to get hurt at these unsafe trampoline parks. Jumpers are allowed to perform front and back flips without any prior training, and without anybody watching who knows what dangers to look out for. The majority of parents wouldn’t allow their child to dive into a swimming pool without learning how to swim, yet these unsafe trampoline parks allow your child to flip without any prior training. Airborne Trampoline coaches know that it is incredibly easy for a child to either over rotate, under rotate, lose balance, or simply land on their face during an untrained flip. Think about it for a second. How is a jumper supposed to know how to safely put their head below their feet and land on the other side without ANY form of instruction. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Flipping can be one of the most dangerous things anyone can attempt on a trampoline. Without proper training, its only a matter of time before a flip will cause some sort of injury. At Airborne Trampoline, our Gymnastics Ontario certified coaches make sure Airborne’s jumpers know the progressions and safety techniques to properly learn how to flip safely and confidently. Safety is our first priority.

To assist Airborne Trampoline coaches in teaching flips and inversions, Airborne Trampoline coaches utilize cutting edge teaching aids and techniques to ensure that all jumpers have the opportunity to safely learn all trampoline tricks, including flips, in a safe and controlled fashion. These include spotting harnesses, bungee systems, “crash” mats, and hand spotting techniques to safely progress the jumpers to the next step.

This article only skims the surface of the unsafe conditions at these unregulated trampoline parks. Stay tuned for more articles about other dangers to watch out for.

If your child is serious about wanting to learn to flip, and you don’t want them to simply “TRY IT” at these unsafe trampoline parks, come to Airborne Trampoline. We offer a safe and professional trampolining experience for jumpers of all ages. With Recreational Classes, Birthday Parties, Public Jumping, and Airborne’s Competitive Trampoline Team, there is no end to what you can do. Come jump with us and you will see the difference in quality, and safety.

Visit Airborne Trampoline today, with locations in Woodbridge (905) 850-8477, Mississauga (905) 828 2412, Newmarket (905) 836-9091, and Cambridge (519) 653-7713.


Safety At Trampoline Parks

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