Special Needs Newmarket – Airborne Trampoline

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Special Needs Newmarket – Airborne Trampoline

Trampoline Is a Sport For All

(Including the special needs Newmarket community)

Special Needs Newmarket Trampoline Coach
Special Needs Trampoline Coach

This is the simple account of an occurrence that put something important in a clear perspective for me. It was a Saturday afternoon, and as I navigated my way through a busy grocery store, while wearing my coaching attire composed of simple athletic gear, and a light jacket with “TRAMPOLINE COACH” (as I am a trampoline coach for all programs, including for the special needs Newmarket community) printed in bright red letters on its back, I came upon people who found it interesting enough to inquire about the title I proudly flaunted as I looked for eggs. Initially, their questions were simple and pleasant: Where do you jump on trampolines? How much is it to jump there? And the ostensibly important question of whether or not anyone can do it. I should mention for the sake of clarity that the group by which I was approached carried a number of six and ranged from about 20 to 25 years of age. They were looking for a plethora of ingredients (including eggs) to make a special party dish for that evening. And given the nature of the experience, a solid social contract that was established the instance I was approached with questions pertinent to something I am passionate about, I had to elucidate… I answered their questions… yes; of course anyone can do it… I jump at Airborne Trampoline North (Airborne Trampoline and JumpZOne Trampoline park offers a large range of trampoline programs for everyone, including the special needs Newmarket community)… they were happy. It was seconds after I had invited the crew, with whom I was now on a first-name-basis, to visit me at Airborne that one the younger males transgressed horribly against me and everything that I consider intellectually sacred as he asked: Is Trampoline an actual sport? In the midst of my confusion, anger, and disbelief indicated clearly by almost violent eye twitching and facial contortions, I decided that I could illustrate my answer with some factual data.

Though it recently became an Olympic sport, at least since the Sydney 2000 Games, Trampoline has been considered world-class for several decades. It was in 1964 in London, United Kingdom that Dan Millman, of The same country, and Judy Wills Cline of the United States captured the male and female gold medal, respectively, at the first ever Trampoline World Championships. It is a matter of public record, albeit of some obscurity, that Cline won this event on four consecutive occasions from 1964 to 1968. At the time the games were held yearly, and changed to biennially (biannually) in 1970.

Canada has had impressive success in the field with several podium finishes in the world and Olympic stage with Mathieu Turgeon, and Karen Cockburn winning the bronze medal during the inception year in Sydney, Australia. They were, in fact, Canada’s first Olympic medal ever in the sport of Trampoline. Karen has had an illustrious career; she has since 2000 received several medals including silver in Athens, 2004; and Beijing 2008. She has also claimed several world titles and broken the Synchronised Trampoline degree of difficulty record with her partner Rosie MacLennan, who happens to be the reigning Olympic Champion; an honour she attained in The London Games in 2012.

Note: MacLennan won the only Canadian Gold Medal, in The London Summer Olympic Games of 2012.

On the men’s side we have personal friend of mine, Jason Nicholas Burnett, who captured Silver in China, and has for a while held the world difficulty record. Jason has represented the province of Ontario and our country with incredible success.

Yes, I could say this, but my answer was, as I walked away… Oh, yes, yes it is.


Experienced, and written by Peyton Dracco, a Gymnastics Ontario/Canada & N.C.C.P. Certified Trampoline Coach at Airborne Trampoline Newmarket.

Follow Peyton Dracco on Twitter at @pdracco


Airborne Trampoline is a recreational trampoline facility with locations in Newmarket, Woodbridge, Mississauga and Cambridge. Check out everything Airborne has to offer, including programs for the special needs Newmarket community at www.airbornetrampoline.ca.

Airborne offers many special needs programs in both Airborne Trampoline North and the new JumpZone Trampoline Park. When looking for Special Needs Newmarket programs, give Airborne Trampoline a try.

Click here to jump over to Airborne’s website for further info on the programs offered to the special needs Newmarket community.

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