The Competitive Trampoline Season Begins

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Competitive Trampoline Team – Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge

September is upon us and such the beginning of the competitive trampoline season. Head Coach, Raul, and his assistant, Vince DiBacco, are back as the dynamic pair continues to build this team to higher heights than ever before. With constantly improving strategies and more building tools, Raul and Vince will continue to train, develop, and push athletes to perform to their highest individual potential. Which translates to our club’s constant Quest for the Podium at any competition!

The Airborne Woodbridge Competitive Trampoline team has begun the first phase of training in preparation for the competition season beginning in December. Phase 1 of the season is focused on form and tightness, whether it’s being regained from the previous season or newly learned by beginners. Moving into the second month, after we’ve gotten an idea of the skill level we’re dealing with, we put our athletes in the category they belong and give them the appropriate routines. Phase 3 is comprised of perfecting routines and learning new tricks. Once competition season begins in December, training focuses are split on routine improvements, strength and conditioning development, continually learning new skills and, if able to, move up the ladder of levels. Our team’s goal is for each individual athlete to reach peak performance in time for champion season at the end the year.

Our competitive trampoline team is normally composed of 24 athletes, however this year we will be adding another class and therefore, increasing our roster to 32 athletes. This means, although the season has started, we are still looking to fill up some more newly opened spots on the team. Individual try-outs are always welcomes.  As well, for those extra motivated athletes we will also be making a third day of training available. The more time spent training on a trampoline, the faster the results come and goals are realized. This then leads to athletes moving up levels faster. Airborne management and staff have realized this and found a way to make it possible. The additional class will be held on Sunday evening.

In other news, Airborne coaching staff and management has worked hard over the summer to build a bungee harness system. This style of harness will allow our athletes to take their skill development to a higher level of performance as they will be able to try more difficult tricks without the fear of getting injured. Not to mention how much fun it will be just to play around with it! The competitive trampoline team will, once again, have access to our TiVo system of delayed video recording and playback. This gives our athletes yet another tool to help them gain an edge on performance as they will be able to see how they’ve performed a certain manoeuvre right after they’ve completed it on the trampoline.

Consistent and more experienced coaching, more training time available, more toys… how can any athlete on the Airborne Woodbridge Competitive Trampoline Team not be excited beyond belief for the 2014/2015 season?!? – for complete information of competitive trampolining in Ontario

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