Summer Trampoline Camp Wraps Up Another Great Year

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Summer Trampoline Camp

That’s it! Its been a fantastic year of Airborne’s Vaughan Summer Trampoline Camp. With the 2014 Summer switching to fall, its time to say goodbye for another year. And what a summer it’s been.

Many of us have complained that the weather isn’t that great. It’s been cold some days, rainy others, and we’ve only had a handful of days with temperatures reaching into the 30s (which is what were all secretly hoping for). Yet, inside Airborne’s Summer Trampoline Camp, the weathers been just fine. Airborne Trampoline campers enjoyed a fully air conditioned facility, and at the same time, enjoyed plenty of time outdoors in the sun on those days that actually reached decent temperatures. Not only that, The Airborne Trampoline Camp went on a load of trips to fun activities including mini golf, bowling, movies, Dave & Busters, Canada’s Wonderland, and so much more.

“I liked going to Dave & Busters the best”, said one camper. “Bowling was my favorite”, said another. Whatever their preference, Airborne Trampoline Camp kids got their fill this summer.

The morning and afternoon trampoline lessons introduced a huge amount of Vaughan Trampoline Camp participants to the sport of trampolining. Airborne Woodbridge nearly ran out of their level achievement ribbons with how well the campers were doing. The highlight of the trampoline time was definitely the introduction of a few new treats for Airborne Trampoline Camp kids to enjoy. New for 2014 was the introduction of the IPad based music system. The trampoline campers had a blast picking their favorite songs, creating playlists, and jumping around to their favorite tunes. The counselors were less than ecstatic to hear the same songs being played over, and over, and over again. There’s only so many times you can hear Gangnam Style before it slowly begins to drive you crazy. But what the heck, its all about the campers at Airborne’s Trampoline Camp.

Also new was the opening of Airborne’s new bungee system. Airborne Trampoline Camp Vaughan kids had a blast being strapped into the new bungee belt system and flying through the sky as if they weighed less than a feather. It was not long before the mere mention of the word “Bungee” made the campers scream with excitement and stampede the counselors to be first in line for a chance to jump around in the bungee belt. The highlight of the introduction of the bungee belt system was the epic battle between two campers to see who could touch the 24-foot roof first. Eventually the winner managed to slap the roof at the peak of her jump and win the title of “highest jumper at Airborne’s Trampoline Camp”.

The arts and crafts were fun, the visitations from the great people at Mad Science and Creepy Crawlers were fantastic, and the campers were great. Airborne’s Trampoline camp 2014 was a huge success and we are all hoping to see some familiar faces at Airborne’s Winter Break, and March break camps in the future.

We wish to thank Airborne Head Counselors Daniele, and Cass for hosting a fantastic camp this season. We would also like to thank all the venues and organizations who entertained Airborne’s Trampoline Camp this summer. Finally, we couldnt have done it without the great perople at Casey Transportation for providing Airborne’s school Bus transportation.

If you’re looking for more information on Airborne’s camps, feel free to visit our website, or give us a call at (905) 850-8477.

Have a fun and save back to school season. We look forward to seeing you again soon at The Airborne Trampoline Club Vaughan.

Summer Trampoline Camp

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