Top 5 Things To Look For In A Vaughan Summer Camp

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Vaughan Summer Camp at Airborne Trampoline

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Top 5 Things To Look For In A Vaughan Summer Camp

With summer right around the corner the time to start searching, scrutinizing, and selecting a summer camp for our kids is coming up fast. You can flip through the endless lists of Vaughan Summer Camp options until your fingers hurt. But don’t you wonder what the sets popular camps ahead of the camps that kids try, and ultimately hate? After all, when considering a Vaughan summer camp, they are NOT all created equal. But what should you look for in a summer camp? How do we know which is the right camp for our little campers? Some parents have their own criteria when selecting a new camp to try. But lets be honest, its been YEARS since we’ve attended camp ourselves. So what’s the deal?

Here are the top 5 qualities to look for in a Vaughan Summer Camp program. If you think we’ve missed something, feel free to add it in the comments.

1: A Camp Based On Fun:

Summer camps are a fantastic opportunity for kids to blow off some steam from a stressful academic year. Making new friends, getting back to being a kid, laughing and playing should be the focus of a top notch camp. Don’t worry about camps that focus on academics or performance. Let the kids enjoy the summer without being ranked and graded.

2: An Appropriate Supervision Level:

How many horror stories have we heard in the news of kids wandering off from parents. In fact, a recent social experiment video on YouTube shows just how easy it is for a stranger to walk off with your child (click here if you dare). It is paramount that camps have the appropriate supervision level for the amount of campers and your child’s age. Does the camp leave the building? Do they bring in extra counselors when they do? These are all questions you should ask before enrolling your child. Finally, find out the credentials of the camp management staff. Experience counts!

3: A Safe & Professional Facility:

A Vaughan summer camp facility should meet a certain level of quality and cleanliness. Ask to take a tour of the camp facility, ask questions about what you see, and above all make sure that the camp has established policies an procedures. These policies and procedures should include documenting who is permitted to pick up your child from camp, having a record of known camper allergies, and accurate and up to date parental contact information.

4: A Wide Variety Of Activities & Entertainment:

We all know the attention spans of children. Would you feel right sending them to a camp that forces them to focus on the same activity over and over and over? Variety is important. Even if your little campers have no experience or interest in a certain activity, its amazing what happens when a new friend suggests they try it together. The more avenues of entertainment, the more likely that your little camper will love their new camp.

5: Adequate Rest Time:

Camps, particularly sports based camps, should have down time in which your campers can catch their breath and rehydrate (very important). Particularly in summer when outside temperatures can reach 40 degrees. On top of ensuring that the camp facility has air conditioning, make sure that the camp gives your little furnaces enough down time to cool off and drink some water. An experienced, well run camp should have a “rest and rehydrate” plan that can be easily explained when you inquire.

When searching for a camp, keep these 5 simple rules in mind and you can rest assured that your little campers will be safe and have fun throughout the summer holidays.

However, maybe we can help make the search even easier for you. Have you checked out Airborne Trampoline Camp? Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge has been around since 1994 and offer amazing, fun filled Summer, March break, and Winter Break camps. Each day includes jump times, trampoline lessons, arts and crafts, a games room with a 15 foot projector screen, daily special events, and a BIG trip of the week to Dave & Busters. All trips and activities are included in the cost, and Airborne employs Gymnastics Ontario, First Aid, and experienced counselors. Daily and weekly campers are welcome. Its the perfect balance between keeping active, and being entertained.

“This will be the third year I have registered my two girls in Airborne’s Summer Camp. They have a blast, and always make new friends. Bring out your kids because this camp is awesome.”

Selena W. – Bolton, ON.

Check out Airborne’s Vaughan summer camp here!

Vaughan Summer Camp - Airborne Trampoline

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Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge

Check out Airborne’s Vaughan Summer Camp at & – Jump@AirborneTrampolienClub.Com – (905) 850-8477

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