Trampoline Birthday Parties

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Are your kids tired of the same old birthday party ideas? Do they get bored and trash your house? Is the phrase “been there, done that” popular in your household? Kids have tons of energy, and no it can’t be contained. With Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) on the rise, children’s attention spans have reduced to almost nothing, so the best way to deal with excess energy, is to redirect it and burn it.


Airborne Trampoline KW has the solution! Our fantastic trampoline kid’s birthday parties are great fun and really leave the kids pooped. In fact, many parents say thank you to us when leaving Airborne after a party as their kids leave tired! Located in Cambridge and serving Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph, Airborne Trampoline KW has six large & super bouncy Olympic Trampolines with Certified Trampoline Coaches to lead your kid’s birthday parties. Three party rooms are also available where you can bring your own food or we can cater for you as well.


Our birthday parties are for children and adults ages 2 and up, and for all sizes and fitness levels. Everyone has so much fun at Airborne Trampoline KW‘s birthday parties, they don’t realize that jumping on the trampoline is one of the best exercises in existence. You can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour by jumping on a trampoline! That is more than running! It also helps to build coordination, faster reflexes, improve balance, flexibility, increases strength, corrects bad posture, clears out the lymphatic system, plus many other benefits.


For the first hour, while the parents set up in one of our large and fully decorated kid’s birthday party rooms, your party will be having a fully instructed and SAFE session on the Olympic Trampolines with the trampoline coach structuring the hour with lessons and games. The birthday child will also fly high and get the sling shot experience in our bungee (optional – the birthday child may give it away to one friend). The trampoline portion of the party comes to an end with a show of flips and tricks from one of our certified coaches, and the group gathers for pictures on the trampolines. For the second hour, everyone will hang out in the party room and eat snacks, food, and cake and open the presents, all while saving your house from certain destruction.


There are two packages to chose from – uncatered and catered. For the uncatered party you may bring any peanut free food or drink of your choice. For the catered party we supply 2 slices of fresh pizza per participant, and each person gets to pick a choice of pop, sugar free juice, or water from our Pepsi fridge. There is a large custom chocolate or vanilla cake that serves 35, and all the dishes and accessories are provided. There is also free Tim Hortons’ coffee and Wi-Fi for all the adults.


If you live in the Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, or Guelph area, and have never heard of Airborne Trampoline KW, please browse our website for more info on our exciting kid’s birthday parties, Rec Classes, Adult Classes, Open Jumping, Group Bookings, Summer Day Camp, and Competitive Team. You can also like our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat pages to get updates and notifications of discounts and deals at Airborne Trampoline KW. We hope to see you soon!

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