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Trampoline Classes In Vaughan

Trampoline Classes Vaughan

Have you ever considered taking trampoline classes as a sport, or to get in shape? It is already August and pretty soon we will have the familiar sight of leaves changing color, the weather getting colder, and outdoor sports winding down. With the changing of the seasons. Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge is getting ready to host its fall trampoline classes sessions. A safe, indoor sport for everybody and anybody.

A lot of bad press has been made about trampoline safety recently. With a host of bad press being placed on the dangers of backyard trampolines and the new, unregulated trampoline parks popping up all over the country.  In fact, trampolining is no more dangerous than any other sport available to the general public today. The stigma of trampoline safety ultimately owes its reputation to the coaches, supervisors and instructors who host the sport. With Gymnastics Ontario, N.C.C.P. and First Aid certified instructors at the forefront of  Airborne Trampoline Classes, jumpers enjoy a safe and professionally run experience.  This is something sorely lacking in trampoline parks all over the world.

Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge offers recreational trampoline classes throughout the week and on weekends. Simply put, whenever you have a free hour, Airborne has a class time to cater to you. Jumpers aged 4 to 80 have the option of signing up to any of Airborne’s one hour trampoline classes for a ten week session which takes jumpers from the very basics of trampolining though the more advanced skills including flips and other inversions.

All participants have the opportunity to progress through Airborne’s Gymnastics Ontario approved skill level system. Airborne’s trampoline classes have levels which have been tweaked and perfected since their creation in 1994. In fact, the first lesson template in Airborne Trampoline Classes was based on the trampoline classes skill level system created by the Canadian Olympic National Team head coach, Dave Ross. Dave was the innovator behind the modern day trampoline club having opened the very first trampoline facility hosting trampoline classes in Canada. It is now the main training center of the Canadian Olympic Team, Skyriders Trampoline Place   located in Richmond Hill.

Airborne’s Trampoline Class level system begins with the basic trampoline skills including “shape jumps” such as the tuck jump, the pike jump, the straddle jump, and the star jump. Jump ahead a few levels and we begin to get into skills which become increasingly challenging such as the seat drop, the back drop, swivel hips, and combination moves including the back drop-half turn to feet, and stomach drop half turn to back drop. As you can imagine, it is paramount that all skills are taught and perfected before proceeding to the next skill. This is the job of the Airborne coach who not only knows how to perform the skill themselves, but is professionally trained on the various progressions involved in safely learning each trick. Once the jumpers have perfectly completed all the skills a particular level, they are then required to put all the moves together and perform them back to back in the official Airborne level routine. Only when Airborne jumpers complete their level specific routine do the pass and progress on to the next level. Once they complete the level, they receive their official Airborne Trampoline Class Ribbon signifying the completion of a particular level.

Airborne trampoline classes are the perfect way to stay in shape during the long winter months. For more information on all of Airborne’s trampoline class availabilities and pricing, feel free to give Airborne a call and talk to an Airborne certified coach who will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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