Trampoline Fitness at Airborne Woodbridge

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Trampoline Fitness at Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge

I’m sure many of our readers who are wondering about trampoline fitness have jumped on a trampoline before. Perhaps it was a backyard trampoline, or at one of the new trampoline parks popping up all over the country (although their trampolines aren’t much different from backyard trampolines). Maybe some of our readers even signed up for a trampoline fitness session at their local gym. For those of you who have had the pleasure of jumping on a trampoline before, have you ever sat down and thought about the health benefits, or aerobic workouts involved in trampoline fitness? You might be surprised by how much of a great workout the sport of trampolining really is.

Let’s start by comparing trampolining to other sports in the form of calorie burn. Obviously, with the advent of modern gyms, Cross Fit, sports parks, and the classic workouts like jogging and running, many people base their workouts on how many calories they can burn in a single hour. So lets compare. What we must keep in mind is that calorie burn is affected by your weight and athletic level. Having said that, the following list details the top 5 activities and how they compare to a trampoline fitness program when it comes to calorie burn.

Cross Fit: 400-1000 calories per hour

Trampoline Fitness Class: 400-800

Spin classes: 500-700 calories per hour

Swimming: 400-600 calories per hour

Running/Jogging: 300-400 calories per hour

Hard to believe isn’t it. Trampoline fitness ranks right up there with the greatest calorie burning exercises known to man. How is it that trampoline fitness ranks up so high? It all has to do with co-ordination and physical exertion. When jumping on the trampolines, you utilize your entire body to maintain co-ordination and balance. Not to mention the incredible amount of force your legs must put out to get your body moving, and keep it moving while bouncing up and down for an hour. Now, imagine we throw in basic trampoline skills such as seat drops, back drops, and stomach drops. Now your body must shape itself and flex all the muscles to maintain that shape while bouncing on a trampoline. All of these muscle movements, coupled with the complete aerobic workout that jumping for an hour that a trampoline fitness class provides, make for a fantastic calorie burn of up to 400-800 calories per hour.

That’s not all there is to trampoline fitness when it comes to physical workouts. You may be wondering how many muscles you work while jumping. Probably only your legs, right? Wrong! Trampolining utilities nearly every muscle in your body to maintain balance and propel yourself into the air. Now, as much as you are greatly assisted by the trampoline springs and bedding, you utilize the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glueteus maximus, abs, back and even the biceps and triceps which help propel your body into the air as you jump. At any given moment, your body is using nearly 80-90% of the muscle groups to maintain stability and fire yourself back up into the air.

Trampoline fitness classes are a true full body aerobic workout. Best of all, it is a very low impact sport which is easy on the knees and joints. If you have not already experienced the fantastic workout provided by a trampoline fitness class, give us a call today and drop by for an hour of Public Jumping, sign up for a recreational Trampoline Class, and maybe even join the Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge Competitive Trampoline Team. Call us today (905) 850-8477.

Airborne Woodbridge Trampoline Fitness

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