Trampoline Flipping Class Debuts at Airborne North

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The Trampoline Flipping Class

Airborne Trampoline North in Newmarket is proud to announce the debut of Airborne’s brand new Trampoline Flipping Class. Envisioned and conceptualized by Airborne Trampoline North Club Manager Jeremy Lee, the new Trampoline Flipping Class addresses the growing demand for a solution to the unsafe, and untrained attempts at performing flips at trampoline facilities across Ontario. Many owners of backyard trampolines have pointed out that their children have shown a tremendous interest in front and back flips, yet they do not feel safe allowing them to attempt a flip without SOME sort of instruction. Unfortunately, many parents underestimate the dangers involved in untrained flips and inversions. When these parents introduce their children to trampoline facilities who disregard the dangers of flipping, the results are avoidable accidents and injuries which can, and have been severe. Airborne North’s Trampoline Flipping Class was created to safely, and professionally teach ANYONE who is interested the progressions, and proper technique involved in flipping. Do you know anyone with the desire to flip, or anyone performing flips in an unsafe manner? Read on and learn the importance of learning to flip at Airborne North’s new Trampoline Flipping Class.

“I brought my daughter to a trampoline park and witnessed other kids flipping from one trampoline to another. Half of them landed on their face, some of them crashed into each other. I even saw some kids come out crying!”.

–          Emily W.

Anyone who has been to a trampoline park has more than likely seen the same thing. Disinterested supervisors, dangerous flipping attempts, and no one doing or saying anything about it. Flipping is an un-natrual movement for the human body. Any movement where your feet end up over your head sends the brain into a panic to try and “right the ship”. This often results in a person freezing up, or panicking in mid air which usually ends in a crash. Believe it or not, this is all avoidable with the proper instruction. Its all about progressively training the brain the correct body movements and positioning when it travels out of its comfort zone, as it does during a front or back flip. This is where Airborne Trampoline North’s Gymnastics Ontario Certified coaches come in.

All coaches at Airborne Trampoline North and its new Jump Zone Trampoline Park are fully certified trampoline coaches. This means that all instructors and supervisors have progressed through Gymnastics Ontario & N.C.C.P.’s Level 1 & 2  trampoline coach certification program.  This gives Airborne’s coaches the ability to spot the dangers of flipping, and safely correct the movements involved by using any number of their Gymnastics Ontario training techniques. Airborne’s Trampoline Flipping Class coaches can also utilize cutting edge training aids including Airborne’s custom built crash mats, spotting harness system, hand spotting techniques, and bungee belt. These training aids go hand in hand with Airborne’s Trampoline Coach Training to give them the ability to break down the progressions of a flip for everyone. In no time, Airborne’s Trampoline Flipping Class participants will be performing flips and inversions safely, and comfortable.

Do you, or your kids just want to flip? Come out to Airborne North’s Trampoline Flipping Class and learn how to flip safely, and confidently from some of the best Trampoline Coaches in Canada! Call now or visit Airborne’s website for more information.

Airborne Trampoline North


Airborne North Trampoline Flipping Class


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