Special Needs Trampoline Parties For Kids

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Special Needs Trampoline Parties For Kids

Only at Airborne Trampoline Vaughan


Last summer I took my son to a family friend’s house in Kitchener who had a trampoline in their backyard. To my surprise he absolutely loved it to the point where trying to get him off of it took quite the effort. It’s never an easy task finding things my son can enjoy as he is autistic. So I researched trampoline parties for kids thoroughly and with some advice I found just the place close to home. Airborne Trampoline Club in Woodbridge. Or I suppose more specifically, in Vaughan.

Flashback to January 27th 2007, the happiest day of my life by far. It sounds cliché but witnessing the birth of your first born is a life changing experience. Looking forward to the things you get to experience as they develop with your guidance is both frightening and exciting. It got even more challenging 3 years later when he was diagnosed with this disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and non-verbal communication. It’s a daily struggle that not only he has to deal with but also his mother and I. With the help of his teachers we have found groups we visit regularly with other children diagnosed with autism. It was through the recommendation of one of the parents that we discovered Airborne Trampoline Vaughan as my wife and I mentioned looking for trampoline parties for kids. She brought her son to one of their March break camp programs and told us that her son and other children with the disorder had such an amazing time.

I called the Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge location the following day and asked about their experience handling trampoline parties for kids with special needs. The staff was very informative and reassuring so we immediately booked an available day for our son’s birthday party. When we arrived at Airborne Trampoline my wife and I were pleased with the facility and were immediately put at ease as the coaches took control and clearly had experience handling trampoline parties for kids with autism. It’s a beautiful thing seeing your child smile while doing something they enjoy without being judged on a daily basis for things out of their control. Gone was the staring and pointing bestowed upon daily by the cruelty of others without even realizing the scars they leave. For that hour or so of jumping my son was instantly transformed and alas in that happy place his parents have so desperately longed to find him.

After jumping he got together with the other children in the party room which the staff had set up accordingly. They supplied the pizza and cake and even set up the piñata we brought. While the kids played, laughed and ate the parents found some time to chat and take a break from our daily responsibilities. Thanks to Airborne Trampoline we found our norm that day and took in the advice of parents who like us share a life with an autistic child but the gift of a beautiful child none the less.

The next time I meet a parent who feels the restrictions of raising a child with autism and feels alone in the task of finding them something fun to do without worrying about who is watching, I will look no further than Airborne Trampoline Club in Woodbridge who I have the utmost confidence in saying host the best trampoline parties for kids with special needs in Vaughan.

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