Being A Coach Of Trampoline Parties For Kids

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What Its Like Being A Coach Of Trampoline Parties For Kids

A Blog by former Airborne Coach Dan B.

Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge

Trampoline Parties For Kids

Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge has the best trampoline parties for kids anywhere. I had done parties there as a kid and I remember how high I could bounce on the HUGE trampolines, and how much fun it was. I heard that Airborne now had locations in Woodbridge, Newmarket, and Mississauga. I thought it might be a great idea to become a trampoline coach and be like those high flying coaches I had during my birthday parties. I loved watching the coaches flip around on the trampolines and thought how easy it would be to do that myself! I was completely wrong, of course. I almost landed on my face the first time I tried a flip. So, I applied to Airborne and went through all my Gymnastics Canada certifications. Next thing I knew, I had completed my Airborne training and I was ready to host the very first of my trampoline parties for kids. Here’s my story.
I didn’t think I would ever be a coach of trampoline parties for kids. It never really seemed o be my forte. I like working with children, but I never really saw it as an occupation. I think we all know that kids can quite often get on your nerves. I didn’t think I could handle the stresses of working with up to 30 of them. Especially not during a trampoline party for kids where the emphasis is on going wild and having fun. Not to mention the screaming, the yelling, the cheering, and the fact that I wondered if I would even be a good leader for these children. Well, as it turns out, I was perfectly cut out for the role. Here’s my story!
Frankly, I was terrified the first time I was the lead coach during one of Airborne’s trampoline parties for kids. I wasn’t a shy child, but it’s a completely different experience when youre leading a bunch of roudy 6 year olds and making sure they stay safe, rather than being one yourself. Well, I had to do it anyway, no getting around it. So, there I was, standing in front of a group of children whom I was supposed to lead in a warmup and stretch they were talking, giggling, and overall not paying attention to me whatsoever. I said, in what I thought was a loud voice, “Hey Everybody!”. No one looked at me. So I said it again, in what I thought was an even louder voice, “HEY…..EVERYBODY”! Perhaps 3 or 4 of the children looked up from what they were doing. At this point I was thinking I’m in way over my head. How the hell was I going to get these kids attention.
I realized shortly after that the best way to get a bunch of kids attention was to do something that would GRAb their attention! So I hopped onto the trampoline and did a back flip. All of a sudden, the kids all snapped to attention, in awe of what I had just done. There was silence, beautiful silence! But, now what do I do? “Oh, right, the Warmup and stretch” I thought. So it all began. “Hi everybody! My name is Marc and I will be your coach today, if anyone has any questions, you can ask me! Now, before we go onto the trampolines, we have to warmup and stretch out your muscles”, I proclaimed. The kids all seemed to get pretty excited by the idea of starting up on the trampolines. We rushed through the warmup as best I could as the kids seemed to be getting very antsy about jumping on the trampolines. When I was satisfied that the kids were ready to jump, I ran them through the basic “Stop Bounce” skill, and the party was ready to begin!

Airborne Trampoline Parties For Kids
Certified Trampoline Coaches

Stay tuned for part two of Dan’s tale of his first time coaching at one of Airborne’s Trampoline Parties For Kids.


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