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Are Backyard Trampolines Safe? Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge is a GREAT alternative if you’re looking for Vaughan kids activities.

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Vaughan Kids Activities are varied and vast. You can get all sorts of ideas from searching through the Google and the internet. However, one idea that seems to keep repeating itself is backyard trampolines, and their popularity in the Vaughan Kids Activities community. Especially with the booming worldwide popularity of trampoline parks, and the huge success of the Canadian National Trampoline Team in the Summer Olympic games. However, when it comes to Vaughan kids activities, are backyard trampolines safe? This article will help you understand the risks and benefits of pursuing a backyard trampoline as an option for safe and fun Vaughan kids activities.

First and foremost, the supervision of these backyard trampolines is paramount. Unsupervised backyard trampolines are the leading cause of injuries in the trampoline community. You wouldn’t allow your children to swim unsupervised, why allow them to jump on a backyard trampoline unsupervised. Its really the same concept if you think about it. If a child does not know how to swim, they should not be in water alone. If a child does not know how to safely bounce on a trampoline, they should not be allowed to jump on a backyard trampoline alone (or at all). The mind of a child is unlimited when it comes to the imagination and what they believe they are capable of. If you tell a child to attempt a flip, or jump from the trampoline to any other surface (floor, tree, pool, roof etc…) they have no reason to believe they cannot do it. Movies and television have ensured that. Kids these days see their favorite TV and movie characters falling from incredible heights and walking away with a smile. This, unfortunately, is not nearly the case. Visit any emergency room and you are bound to see someone who has attempted what they’ve seen on TV and movies with disastrous consequences. Children need boundaries when it comes to physical activities. Backyard trampolines are no different. Always supervise your children and inform them of the risks involved with jumping. Let them know they are not trained on how to perform flips, and always ensure they have limits on what they and their friends are allowed to do on the trampoline.

Communication is important. Read the large warning booklet that comes with your backyard trampoline and heed the advice it gives. They don’t just print those booklets for nothing. Let your children and friends know of the risks invovled with jumping. Teach them to jump in the middle of the trampoline, and always have them ask for permission before allowing them to jump. Once the kids have understood the risks involved, set three non-negotiable rules for the kids when they use the trampoline.

One person at a time.
No flips or somersaults.
Don’t jump onto or off of the trampoline.

This is a great start to ensuring that you minimize the risk of injury on a backyard trampoline. Don’t stop there, always be attentive to anything you see as a dangerous situation. No foreign objects on the trampoline, keep slippery surfaces to a minimum (water, sun tan lotion/oil, drinks, or any other liquid), and always inspect your equipment before use.

What you just read is a great step forward in keeping kids safe if you own a backyard trampoline. Alternatively, those looking for safe, professional trampolining, or Vaughan kids activities can look no further than The Airborne Trampoline Club, in Vaughan.

At Airborne, we specialize in the safe approach to trampolining including Gymnastics Ontario, and N.C.C.P. certified trampoline coaches. Many of our jumpers claim that when searching for Vaughan kids activities, they usually come across the usual suspects including bowling, movies, food, and Canada’s Wonderland. Why not give Airborne’s Public Jumping a try. The kids are sure to work up a sweat while jumping around on Airborne’s Olympic class trampolines. Or, try out one of Airborne’s drop in Trampoline Classes and learn some safe trampoline skills from one of Airborne’s amazing coaches.

Whatever you’re looking for, Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge is a great place to visit year round for indoor Vaughan kids activities.

For more information on Airborne’s Trampoline’s Vaughan kids activities, and Gymnastics Trampoline Programs, contact any Airborne location by jumping over to

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