Vaughan Kids Parties at Airborne Trampoline

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Vaughan Kids Parties at Airborne Trampoline

Welcome to Airborne Trampoline. Home of the best Vaughan kids parties since 1994. Airborne Trampoline in Woodbridge has been entertaining generations of children with their high flying birthday parties, group bookings, and corporate events. With over 20 years of experience in the (new) Olympic sport of trampolining, Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge has perfected the safest and most exciting trampoline experience for Vaughan kids parties. In fact, many of Airborne’s loyal customers have had birthday parties at the Woodbridge location when they were young kids themselves. Now, they bring their own kids to experience Airborne’s high flying, unforgettable birthday parties. Read on and find out what makes Airborne’s trampoline the #1 place to go for Vaughan kids parties.

The Classic Trampoline Experience: Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge has spent the last 20 years perfecting their classic trampoline parties. It all begins with the coaches and staff who host Airborne events. Gymnastics Ontario, and N.C.C.P. certified trampoline coaches host and lead Airborne’s trampoline parties. The party begins with a coach led warm-up, stretch, and trampoline rules for all participants to ensure everyone knows the safe and instructed way to jump. Once complete, the coaches (one coach for every 8 jumpers) sets up all the jumpers on their trampolines and  begins the jumping time. Throughout the hour of trampolining, the coaches supervise the jumpers and teach them basic trampoline tricks for them to try including the “seat drop”, “360 and 720 spins”, and shape jumps including “star, tuck, pike, and straddle jumps”. The Airborne coaches are always interactive, and always ensure all participants are jumping safely and in control. Once the participants have perfected the trampoline tricks, the coaches set up trampoline races in which the kids jump from one trampoline to another, on teams, while performing a set routine of tricks to see which team finishes first. To end the party, Airborne’s coaches perform a high flying skills demonstration involving flips and spins to WOW the party guests. Airborne’s trampoline parties are great for all ages and are always private, and always under the supervision of certified trampoline coaches. Don’t forget to request your favorite songs for Airborne to play with their cutting edge sound system playing today’s hit music (or your favorite classics). Check out the video below to get a first hand view of what Airborne’s classic party experience has to offer, and why Airborne is the place to be for Vaughan kids parties.

Cosmic Trampoline Party: Looking for something a little more wild for Vaughan kids parties? Check out Airborne Trampoline’s COSMIC Lights trampoline party! During a COSMIC trampoline party, Airborne party guests receive the classic trampoline party experience with warm-up, rules, and basic trampoline skills, trampoline races, and skills demo to WOW the guests (all hosted by Certified Trampoline Coaches. To bring the party to the next level, Airborne has introduced their COSMIC lights system including L.E.D. Lighting, Lasers, and Black Lights allowing Airborne’s jumpers to jump in a complete party atmosphere. Some of you may ask if it is safe to jump in the dark. Airborne has meticulously designed a side lit L.E.D. light system which ensures all the trampolines are sufficiently illuminated, while maintaining the darkness required to have Airborne’s light and laser show project onto the walls and ceiling. Check out the picture below and see for yourself what makes an Airborne Trampoline COSMIC lights trampoline party one of the hottest new Vaughan kids parties.

Vaughan Kids Parties Cosmic Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline Parties: For the daredevil in the family, the Airborne Trampoline Bungee Trampoline Party straps the Birthday child into Airborne’s bungee trampoline belt and sends them flying sky high up to 20 feet in the air, while landing them as lightly as a feather back on the trampoline. How, you may ask? Imagine this. A bungee cord is like a giant elastic band. These “giant elastic bands” are strapped to the ceiling and stretched out to attach to a safety belt, which the jumper is then strapped into. When these cords stretch out, they provide a soft landing for the jumper, while rocketing them back up into the air on the next bounce. Great fun for the adventure seeking child in the family.


Vaughan Kids Parties Bungee Trampoline

For information on any of Airborne’s programs and services including trampoline lessons and classes, public jumping, trampoline camps, and the #1 Vaughans kids parties, jump over to Airborne’s Website at

We hope to see you soon at The Airborne Trampoline Club Woodbrdge.


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