A Funny Thing Happened At A Vaughan Kids Party (Part 3)

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A Funny thing Happened At A Vaughan Kids Party

Part 3

Hello again! This must be a great story if your back for more. Well, you asked for it. Here is part 3 of the story of the first “High Flying Skills Demonstration” performed at a Vaughan Kids Party. If you missed it, or need a refresher on Part 1 or 2, click PART 1 or PART 2 to jump over and enjoy the whole story from the very start. if you clicked in here accidentally, why not jump over to Airborne’s Website and see everything we have to offer?

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That’s when I realized that the new party which I was starting had seen everything. I could see the look of excitement on the kids faces as I lead them through the warm-up and stretch, which precedes everyone jumping on the trampolines. The parents of the next party were already asking if I could do that for their guests as well, and demanded to know why the “tricks show” didn’t happen the last time they were at a Vaughan kids party at Airborne. I tried my best to explain that I had just thought it up on the spot and it wasn’t a standard event during a trampoline birthday party. I don’t really think they were listening to my answers anyway, they were too busy trying to convince me to do it for their party as well. I ended up agreeing to doing it again, which inevitably started a chain reaction of party hosts demanding I do it for their party after seeing me end the previous party with my tricks show. It seemed like a great thing I had going. I felt confident, safe, and the parents loved it. Then I got called into the Airborne office.
“What the hell are you doing up there?” was the greeting I received. Obviously my manager wasn’t very pleased with what I had done all evening. “Do you realize how CRAZY what your doing is”? I didn’t really have a good answer to give her. I tried to explain that I had practiced jumping over the mats plenty of times, perfected it with my friends, and never had a problem. “What happens if you fall?” she said after I ran her through my after hours training regiment. I never really thought about falling to be honest. The physics were all in my favor. When performing the tricks, I propel myself forward at a very high rate of speed on takeoff. Even in the event that completely butchered the flip, I would simply end up crashing onto the other trampoline, long having cleared the guests whom I lay down on the crash mats between the trampolines. It was not as if some invisible force would stop me in mid air causing me to fall straight down onto my audience. It seemed simple to me, but overly complicated to my manager. She was of the mindset to ban me from doing them from that day forward. I didn’t like it, but she was in charge.

Vaughan Kids Party at Airborne

Check in again soon and read part 4 of this blog (which was very fun to write) about the very first “High Flying Skills Demonstration” during a Vaughan kids party at The Airborne Trampoline Club.


Written, corrected, re-written, scrapped, and re-written by Steve M. An N.C.C.P. certified coach at The Airborne Trampoline Club in Woodbridge. Steve was one of the original coaches for Airborne’s incredibly popular Vaughan kids party at Airborne.

Jump over to Airborne’s website for more information on Trampoline Birthday Parties. Airborne has been rated one of the best and safest places for a Vaughan kids party. Check out Airborne today!

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