An Amazing West Gwillimbury Kids Party at Airborne Trampoline

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An Amazing West Gwillimbury Kids Party at Airborne Trampoline

Thank goodness for Airborne Trampoline North in Newmarket for hosting the best West Gwillimbury kids party my kids have ever been a part of!
I attended a West Gwillimbury kids party last winter at a local bowling alley. During cold winter months what else can you do? As a proud Canadian I neither ski nor skate so to save my blushes indoor bowling sounded appropriate and “fun”. It was anything but! To sum it up it one word it was actually incredibly “lame”. I have two kids over 8 so excuse me if bumper bowling no longer amuses them. I mean to some this is in fact a great, competitive sport but for others sitting around waiting for your turn amongst fifteen other kids can get dull and anticlimactic at best.
Last week this same friend invited us out for yet another West Gwillimbury kids party. Trust me when I say I was reluctant to willingly agree to invest a free evening this time around. As he is a good friend and curiosity seemingly getting the best of me, I decided to poke and prod as to get some incite to where he would be hosting this event. When he told me it would be at Airborne Trampoline North in Newmarket I was somewhat intrigued. As I have never officially been to a trampoline facility I didn’t really know what to expect, but I found myself excited none the less. I’m sure we all have that one friend or family member who just so happens to have an over sized trampoline in their backyard where we have jumped our way to becoming trampoline experts in our imaginations. My parents were all for it as well as the price was affordable for their budget and with Dad constantly reminding me that money apparently does not grow on trees.
So when we arrived at Airborne Trampoline North the first thing I noticed was how big and well kept the facility was. Indeed the perfect spot for hosting a West Gwillimbury kids party! Not only did they have six Olympic sized trampolines on one side but another area called JumpZone Trampoline Park which had over thirty smaller trampolines to jump on. The refs and supervisors were extremely informative and professional when explaining the rules and procedures in order to keep us all safe. My boys played trampoline dodge ball for the first half hour which felt like minutes with all the excitement followed by jumping on the smaller trampolines with the rest of their friends. They turned on their Cosmic lighting and laser system for this which made the experience all the more entertaining. You don’t realize how jumping on a trampoline can be such a vigorous workout until you’re finished. I can’t think of a better way to stay fit during these lingering winter months! Finally to finish the day we all gathered in the party room and ate pizza and snacks with the parents who to be honest seemed to be having a better time than us.
For me the best part of the day was not jumping or having a good time with friends and family but rather when I was leaving. I looked back and noticed a giant Canadian flag by the far end of the Olympic trampolines. It made me proud knowing that not being able to ski or skate in this country shouldn’t damper my dreams of competing for Canada in an Olympic sport and with the help of Gymnastics Ontario certified trampoline coaches of Airborne, why not? Besides if I wasn’t a trampoline expert in my imagination before Airborne, I certainly am now!

So when my friend or anyone else asks me next year what we should do for our next West Gwillimbury kids party I will look no further then Airborne Trampoline North in Newmarket. Thank goodness for them!

West Gwillimbury Kids Party


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