Why Send Your Kids To Vaughan Summer Camps

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Why Send Your Kids To Vaughan Summer Camps

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Vaughan Summer Camp

Why send your kids to Vaughan Summer Camps. They can be expensive, unworthy of your time, and there is always the possibility that you will introduce your kids to an environment they may not even enjoy. Sometimes it seems that its just not worth it to send your kids along to a day camp. Or maybe you just cant find the right camp for your kids. After all, there are so many options on the market today from sports camps, art camps, nature camps, to Karate Camps and horse riding camps. Is it really worth the effort to spend hours upon hours searching for a camp to register your kids? Yes!

It is absolutely crucial for your kids to be introduced to a social environment such as a summer day camp. Good Vaughan summer camps respect and identify the multifaceted interests of children and their natural desire for social interaction. Not only do great camps encourage and cultivate this kind of behaviour, but they also introduce the campers to new experiences which may never have been introduced to their emotional and cognitive development. But what specifically do great Vaughan summer camps do to encourage the development of social interaction?

– Teach Them To Make New Friends Outside Of School

Vaughan Summer Camps
Making New Friends

School is a unique experience which affords the students a structured and well rounded environment to gain important life skills. These skills include social and emotional connections with other students. School is where we learn to make friends, learn to share thoughts & ideas, and learn how to communicate. However, the ability to make new friends is a skill which is rarely afforded to students. Unless a student switches schools, or introduced to a new child in their class, it is rare that they get the opportunity to actually utilise their skills of making new friends, or starting a new conversation with someone they don’t know. This is where summer camps become crucial in the development of a well rounded child. Registering a child for Vaughan summer camps immerses the camper in a completely new environment with new experiences, new children to befriend, and new situations which may not be present in the classroom environment. For example, a typical classroom is comprised of students of a certain age range. Summer camps are normally comprised of varied age ranges which encourage the campers to introduce themselves to children both older and younger than they are used to. It also affords the child the ability to find their comfort zone with children of different ages and not feel intimidated if they are paired up with campers slightly older.

– Introduce Them To New Experiences

Vaughan Summer Camp
New Experiences

Camps give the child the ability to experience new activities which would normally not be available in the school curriculum. We all know that most schools have now downgraded their budget to near zero when it comes to extra curricular activities. Conversely, Vaughan summer camps specialize in activities to keep the campers interest peaked. With the varied experiences and activities available at modern day camps, you can rest assured that after enrolling your child in the right camp they will be exposed to a big selection of activities that will expand their palate of entertainment.




– Get Them Off The Couch

Vaughan Summer Camp
Get Them Off The Couch

Probably the most important of the points listed here. With modern day technology, video games, and television it is all too easy for your kids to forge that the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. Spending the entire summer indoors and in front of the TV is all too easy to do these days. Parents find it all too easy to drop the kids off at the grandparents and head off to work. Unfortunately, the elderly and technology are like oil and water. Having a child sit in front of a video game all summer seems like a god send to grandparents who are used to having to keep their kids entertained 12 hours a day. Vaughan summer camps, even those with a video game room, are excellent at limiting the time spent, and offering alternatives to sitting in front of a screen all day. Particularly sports camps with their active based schedules are fantastic at exposing your camper to a life outside the confines of a television screen. Something to consider when you remember how long our Canadian winters are.


When your thinking of enrolling your child in Vaughan summer camps, consider Airborne Trampoline’s Vaughan Summer Trampoline Camp. Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge was established in 1994 and specializes in serving the Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and North York communities. Check out everything Airborne has to offer including their Summer Trampoline Camp by jumping over to www.AirborneTrampoline.ca .

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