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Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party

Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party

(Available Day and Night!)

Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge has outfitted its facility with a cutting edge laser, LED, and black light show. In addition to the regular Airborne Trampoline Party experience, enjoy an Airborne Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party under the lights, lasers, and with today’s hit music while you jump! An amazing party experience, and always under the instruction of Airborne Trampoline & Gymnastics Ontario Certified Trampoline Coaches.

(Please Note: Always advise your guests that they will be in the vicinity of lasers and moving lights in advance of your party booking. The Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party may not be appropriate for participants with epilepsy, or other sensitivities to changing light conditions.)

During the Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party your guests will jump privately on Airborne’s Olympic Size, high performance trampolines for one hour. The jumpers will be taught Trampoline tricks, play  Trampoline games, and be shown a high flying skills demonstration. Fully hosted, coached, and structured by Airborne’s Gymnastics Ontario certified trampoline coaches. After your trampoline time has ended, spend the next hour in one of Airborne’s fully furnished, private, and decorated party rooms. Choose between Airborne’s basic package where you can cater in any food you’d like, or Airborne’s fully catered Pizza Package where all you have to bring is the kids. A complimentary pot of coffee is provided for you and the other guests with all packages.

Don’t miss out, book your Glow In the Dark Trampoline Parties today!

Airborne’s Trampoline Parties Come Standard With…

-Private Use Of Airborne’s Olympic Class, High Performance Trampolines –

Gymnastics CanadaN.C.C.P Certified Trampoline Coaches (1 coach for every 8 jumpers)-

-Full Warm-up, Introduction, and Safety Rules For All Participants-

-Professional Teaching of Basic Trampoline Tricks-

-Fun Interactive Trampoline Games –

-High Flying Trampoline Demonstration by Airborne’s Coaches-

-Today’s Top 100 Hit Music While You Jump (or bring you music in)-

-Private, and Fully Furnished Birthday Party Rooms-

-Pot of Coffee With All Accessories For You and Your Guests-

– For Ages 3 & Older -

Glow In The Dark Trampoline Party

Promotional Pricing Limited Time Only

$25 (+H.S.T.) Per Party

(Must be booked with an Airborne Basic, or Pizza Party Package)

Add Glow in The Dark Bracelets for only .50 cents each! The perfect addition to the Party!

Glow Bracelets Web

To Book: Click, Call or Email…

(905) 850-8477


Additional Information

Special Needs Participants

The Airborne Trampoline Club Woodbridge welcomes all jumpers/participants including those with special needs. In order to provide a safe jumping environment for all of Airborne’s participants, Gymnastics Ontario/Canada and Airborne Trampoline Club Woodbridge require that all participants follow the policies set forth by Gymnastics Canada & The Canadian Special Olympics.  Should you have any guests with special needs including, but not limited to Autism, Downs Syndrome etc…, please inform an Airborne staff member in advance so the appropriate forms and arrangements can be completed.

Participant Clothing

Airborne suggests that all jumpers arrive in the appropriate clothing for trampolining.

What to Wear: Socks – Track pants/Shorts – T-shirt/Sweat shirt – Comfortable athletic clothing – Hair tie for long hair

What NOT to wear: Jeans- Dress pants- Belts- Hats- Dress/Skirt- Jewellery (Stud earrings are okay) – Watches

Participant Waivers

All participants are required to provide a signed waiver, any participants under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver provided by their Parents/Legal Guardian.


Customer Reviews

Check out what these happy customers had to say about Airborne’s Trampoline Birthday Parties.

“Amazing show! They close the curtains to block out all the light and then turn on the Cosmic Show. Perfect party environment. The kids loved it!”

Ryan V.  – Schomberg, Ontario


“We hosted my sons 10th birthday party at Airborne in Woodbridge last year, and we’re booking again this year. I like the fact that the staff take the time to teach the kids the basics before allowing them to jump on their own. Highly recommended.”

Tony R. – Woodbridge, Ontario


“I dont know who enjoyed it more, the parents or the kids! Psychedelic!”

Mary H. – Kleinburg, Ontario

Printable Birthday Party Invitations (Click Here)

Airborne Trampoline Club – (905) 850-8477 – Jump@airbornetrampolineclub.com