Public Jumping

Public Jumping

Looking for some high flying fun? Jump into Airborne Trampoline Vaughan's Public Jumping and fly sky high on Airborne’s

Olympic High Performance Trampolines


Whats the Airborne Trampoline difference?

Olympic Trampolines provide the HIGHEST BOUNCE and lowest impact of all trampolines and are the same style of trampolines used in the Olympic Games! 

Please Note: Airborne accommodates up to a MAX of 12 people in the gym per hour for public trampolining on the 6 Olympic Trampolines.

Try the Airborne Difference Today!

$12 Per Person-Per Hour

(Limited time special pricing for booking through Airborne's Website)

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Please Note: Airborne accommodates up to a MAX of 12 people in the gym per hour for public trampolining on the 6 Olympic Trampolines.


Airborne Trampoline Vaughan's Olympic Public Jumping times are always hosted by Airborne’s Gymnastics Ontario, and N.C.C.P. certified trampoline coaches who lead jumpers through the safety rules, and a warm up & stretch before participating to ensure safe, fun experience at Airborne’s Public Jumping. Now as a FREE upgrade, Airborne Trampoline Vaughan is offering...

A Free Intro Trampoline Lesson For All Jumpers

Learn Seat Drops, Swivel Hips, 360’s, 720’s or perfect skills you’ve already learned!

Why Choose Airborne?

Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge was the first recreational trampoline facility in Vaughan. Since 1994 Airborne has been offering Public Jumping for participants 3 and up on Airbornes Olympic, high performance trampolines. 

In 2018 Airborne Expanded its Vaughan location to include the JumpZone Trampoline Park.

Airborne employs Gymnastics Ontario Certified Trampoline Coaches on the Olympic Trampolines. This ensures that all of our coaches and staff know how to teach and supervise the trampolines in a safe and professional manner. You can rest assured that Airbornes trampoline coaches can spot when our participants are jumping in an unsafe manner and have the ability and know how to correct any tricks being performed incorrectly. 

Airborne's coaches always ensures that our Public Jumping is structured & controlled. Not a free for all. It is important to remember that most accidents can be avoided by following the general safety rules of any establishment. Therefore, Airborne coaches alway make sure our jumpers know the safety rules and the basics on the trampolines before beginning participation. These include...

It is always important that jumpers learn the "Stop Bounce" technique before participating in order to regain control in the event of losing their balance. This is tought first by all Airborne's coaches before any jumper participates on the trampolines.

Finally, Airborne's Olympic-High Perfomance Trampolines offer a superior bounce to all other trampolines. These trampolines are the same type used in the Summer Olympic Games which allow Team Canada's athletes to fly up to 30 + feet in the air. Of course, you will not be flying up to 30 feet in the air on your first day, but you will surely notice the difference at Airborne Trampoline Vaughan's Public Jumping.


  • Do you need grip socks: Socks are optional on our Olympic Trampolines. The JumpZone Trampoline Park trampolines reccomend them in order to keep grip on the trampoline bed. However Airborne's trampolines work great with both socks or bare foot.
  • Why does Airborne take up to 12 jumpers on 6 trampolines: With 20 years of trampolining expereince, Airborne recognises that our participants can rarely jump for an hour straight with no breaks. Therefore, Airborne has designed our Public Jumping proram to max out at 2 jumpers per trampoline. This allows adequate break time so our jumpers can participate for the entire hour.
  • How old do you have to be to participate: Airborne allows participants 3 years old and up. Those under the age of 3 are not recommended to participate in the sport of trampolining.
  • What should you wear: Airborne recommends that you wear loose fitting, sports appropriate clothing. Nothing restricting, and no jeans, dresses, jewellery or hats.

What to Wear

  • Socks
  • Track pants/Shorts
  • T-shirt/Sweat shirt
  • Comfortable athletic clothing
  • Hair tie for long hair
  • Jeans
  • Dress pants / Dress/Skirt
  • Belts / Hats / Watches
  • Jewellery (Stud earrings are okay)
  • Shoes


To make Airborne as safe as possible, special rules have been developed to prevent possible injury.

1.Obey the coaches at all times.
2.Only one person at a time on a trampoline. (We take turns)
3.No flips without the coaches permission. (Flips include anything going over your head)
4.Do not jump off of a trampoline onto any other surface or onto another trampoline. (You must stop jumping and step off)
5.Control before height. (Crash prevention)
6.No foreign objects allowed on the trampolines. (No balls, toys, water bottles, shoes, books, etc.)